Your Honour, I Have Committed Food Crimes

Your Honour, I Have Committed Food Crimes

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One of the things I’ve noticed since I have been doing more food-related posts on my blog and my social media channels, is just how PASSIONATELY people feel about food. I can understand how comforting food is for some people, and how territorial they get over their favourites. One thing I have always wanted to do with this blog, is focus on normal, affordable, food, without being judgemental of people’s preferences. I’ve eaten in some of the nicest places in the world, and I can also quite happily have a Pot Noodle for lunch. It’s all about balance. But I do have some terrible food habits that you can definitely judge me for. I’m sharing some on this post, as well as some other people’s from my Twitter account.


This particular food crime is one I am chastised for often: I have my steak well-done. Also, not content with having my steak well-done, I am also a known offender for smothering my steak in ketchup. My favourite cut is fillet, and some people would say I absolutely ruin it if I have it well-done, but they can tell someone who cares. If I wanted to eat blood I would become a vampire. If you do like your steak well done like me, then a steak hammer will be one of the best investments of your life.

Rice and gravy

This probably sounds disgusting to most people, but fried chicken, rice and gravy is a very popular dish in some parts of the world. I have it nearly every day on my various trips to the Philippines. Jollibee is a fast-food restaurant that serves the dish over there, and when they recently opened one in the UK I queued outside for hours just to get my favourite dish. If you want to make it at home and give it a try, check out my fried chicken recipe.

Buttery bread

It’s a long-running joke in-between my friends and I, that I absolutely CANNOT butter bread. I’m useless at it. Really buttery bread for me is kind of like a “chicken and egg” situation. I can’t really remember whether I have come to like buttery bread because it is the only way I can butter bread, or if I liked buttery bread in the first place and learned how to butter to accommodate this preference.

Either way, the girls have all refuse to eat sandwiches round mine.

Burnt toast with Marmite

I know the burnt toast is enough to set people over the edge, but I think the Marmite just adds a little bit of extra offense to the situation. I either have my toast medium rare or burnt, no in-between. Like bread, I find toast really hard to butter, so no matter what I have on it, it is always quite buttery.

What about some of your food crimes? 

As I was thinking about putting this post together, I thought I would ask some of you guys your worst food crimes. As some of mine are so horrific, I can’t really judge people, but obviously if you want to then go right ahead.

Pasta and gravy – www.thelilacscrapbook.com

This one, courtesy of Katy made me feel a bit ill, but then I got a bit curious and I can honestly say I might try it. If I run out of rice one day I’ll certainly not rule it out.

Frozen bread –www.beautymone.com

to be honest Simone, I don’t even know what to say to this one!

Peanut butter & ham sandwiches – www.lovelucyxx.com

Ok, so Lucy does actually have an excuse here, she was pregnant. No judgement given.

Fries dipped in ice cream – www.izzymatias.com

I have to admit, I do this. The only difference is I dip mine in milkshake. I definitely can’t deny I’d try ice cream too, just wondering what flavour Izzy?

Mayo on rice – www.mehrshares.com

Mehr as someone who hates mayo, I can’t even with this.

Have you got any food crimes you would like to admit to? If so I would love to see some in the comments!

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