Your Dreamcatcher New Range

So back in November, I spoke to you about the lovely comfy clothes ‘Your Dreamcatcher’ sells which I wore to travel to Thailand to ( When Julia emailed me the other day to say they have a couple of new bits I couldn’t wait to see them.

What I love about ‘Your Dreamcatcher’ is that it’s lounge wear which is comfy but also a little bit smart as well. I would honestly live in my Slazengers and Havaiana’s to the extent of actually doing a client meeting in them on Thursday, so if you are going to offer me something comfy that doesn’t make me look like a slob I’m in.

So my next venutre with Your Dreamcatcher was this lovely vest top, and it is so comfy I’m definitely going to take it on holiday.

I love logo’s on the bottom of garments as well. I’ve got a real thing about it, I don’t know why, just think it looks cool. So anyway, if we ever get a summer I’d recommend one, the material is really soft as well and it one of the first things I have bought in a long time that doesn’t play up my eczema something chronic and make me want to claw my own skin off.


I have included a picture of the model wearing it as opposed to me, as her boobs don’t look awkward and wonky in it like mine.

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