World Leaders and Their Favourite Foods

World Leaders and Their Favourite Foods

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It’s a pretty universally known fact that I LOVE fried chicken. I honestly feel like your favourite food tells you a lot about them. This got me thinking about world leaders and their favourite foods. What the elite eat. So I decided to do some Google research and find out for you all.

President (not for long) Donald Trump

I read this little-known fact a little while ago, and have just searched again and found a good source (as good a source as newspapers will ever be), and apparently, Donald Trump loves fast-food, in particular McDonald’s, because he has a fear of being poisoned. Imagine knowing everyone hates you that much you spend every mealtime afraid of being poisoned. 

President-elect Joe Biden

This blog was written amid the election, but pretty much every news source is naming Biden as the winner, so it wouldn’t be fair not to include him in the list because Trump is clinging to the White House like a petulant child. It’s widely known that Biden LOVES ice cream, According to the Right-wing nutcases, this means he likes touching children, but I don’t see the correlation. Although it’s certainly forced me to be less vocal than usual about my love for ice cream.

Kim Jong-un 

When he isn’t shooting people with the Coronavirus and saying his country has had no cases, Kim Jong-un has a very rich diet, very rich indeed since half of his country is starving or in forced labour camps. Anyhow, not here to judge just give you the facts. According to insiders, Kim Jong-un is partial to a bit of Emmental. Yes, you read that right, the man likes holey cheese.

Boris Johnson

There wasn’t much about Boris Johnson’s favourite food to find on the internet, but I did unearth one Guardian article saying that he loves chocolate croissants and cake. I’m honestly shocked at how much the world leaders of our time eat absolute rubbish. I mean, I’ve been known to eat a whole cheesecake for breakfast, but only on occasion.

Justin Trudeau

I will admit, ten years ago I would have never have known who the Prime Minister of Canada was. Then along came the incredibly photogenic Trudeau. When he isn’t rescuing kittens from trees and walking old ladies across the road, Justin Trudeau appears to favour Asian food. I’m guessing he goes a bit fancier than my local Chinese, China City, who once mistook the smiley face for the grimace face and accidentally posted loads of pictures of their food with grimace faces, but to be honest he is the one missing out because their chicken balls are legendary in Basildon.

Vladimir Putin

One of the things I enjoy about Vladimir Putin is that I could just be going about my normal day, and a news article will pop up with a picture of him shirtless, on a horse, with headlines something akin to “Vladimir Putin wrestles bear”. But what food does the manly man eat to maintain his wrestling abilities? Well, unfortunately, his diet is rather dull. He favours fish over meat and eats omelettes or porridge for breakfast. In the immortal words of the GC…”BORING”.

Xi Jinping

The President of China’s favourite food was a bit harder to define. The cynic in me says this is because the internet is severely restricted in the communist country, restricting what goes out as much as what goes in. However, I have read many articles stating he is a man of the people and eats simply like standard citizens. to back this up, enjoy this pretty much ancient article I found of Xi SPONTANEOUSLY turning up to buy some pork buns.

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