Wing Wing, Hammersmith – Tried Chicken

Wing Wing, Hammersmith – Tried Chicken

If I had a pound for every time I said I was FINALLY going to get the “tried chicken” section of my blog off the ground, I would have enough money to go on an absolute fried chicken bender at Wing Wing. I recently got promoted at work so I am trying to make a good impression and show them I was worth it, rather than staying up until all hours writing blog posts for this London lifestyle blog.

Although I have had a food section on my blog for a while, which covers places to eat in London, I’ve wanted to do speciality fried chicken reviews for a while. Do you remember m posting my own fried chicken recipe recently? The truth is, fried chicken is a total obsession of mine. I could be having a full-on conversation with you, answering your questions, the lot, and still be thinking about fried chicken in London.

So here it is; the inaugural “tried chicken” post. I selected Wing Wing because of their beautiful pictures on Instagram and because of their proximity to the office (Hammersmith is two stops away on the tube, perfectly doable in an hour lunch break). Wing Wing offer takeaway but you can dine in as well. They often have karaoke nights and have specials on wings and beer. It reminds me a bit of this club near me called the Pink Toothbrush, truth be told, and looks like it gets a bit lively at night.

Nevertheless, I don’t drink alcohol and I very rarely stay in London after work. I was here on official business and that official business was to try their fried chicken. Ordering couldn’t be more simple. The menus are all on the wall (and online if, like me, you like to decide what you are going to have a few decades before you visit). There is a huge cash desk, which also serves as a bar (if you are so inclined you could have a drink while waiting for your chicken. This would certainly be the way I would have been inclined if I still drank alcohol). You simply choose your meal, choose which flavouring you want on the chicken, and then choose aside. I will admit that £9.50 is a little bit more than I care to spend on fried chicken (especially when Jollibee is so reasonable) but as this was for research, I allowed myself the splurge.

After being given a little gadget thing that flashed when my order was ready, I settled on a chair with my coke ensuring I could see the serving hatch. Little flashing gadget things always lead me to believe my food will take a long time and the fault there lies with Icco Pizza. I have been in Icco Pizza on lunch breaks before and leg hair that I shaved off before that day has grown back in the time it took for my flashy flasher to go off.

The waiting time at Wing Wing was more than acceptable. I don’t really think they have the same set up as your regular fast-food places like McDonald’s by having stuff pre-cooked, as my food was hot rather than just warm. However, their production line works, I only waited ten minutes max for my food. The packaging was vibrant and fun and while I have never thought this mattered as long as the food was tasty, but I was surprised by how much the bold colours appealed to me. It’s as if they knew I wanted to take some good pictures for my blog. The portion sizes were generous as well. I got three pieces of chicken with some skinny fries.

One of the weirder flavours you can choose to have your chicken is liquorice. I wish I was adventurous enough to try that for the blog, but I hate liquorice and my tummy was making noises that indicated if I didn’t put food in it soon, I would, in fact, explode. So I chose “hot” but the other choice was “soy-garlic” and I am keen to try that soon too. The hot flavouring was fantastic. It wasn’t too hot, and it didn’t give off a curry powder vibe like Indian food. The closest thing I could relate it too was the kind of spice you get in a really, really decent Pad Thai. The chicken itself wasn’t battered, therefore, even though it was fried it wasn’t greasy. As much as I love fried chicken I do hate it when you get a big bit of batter or you get a super-greasy bit of chicken. The outside of the chicken was crispy and the inside absolutely fell off of the bone. This is quite a hard juxtaposition to achieve with fried chicken, and believe me, I have tried.

The skinny fries were also delightful. Potato is one of my top ten favourite foods anyway, and fries are probably second only to mashed potato. What with the fried chicken, as well it is a surprise I didn’t spontaneously combust with excitement. There are also other sides and other dishes on the menu. Wings seem to be the main thing, although I had drumsticks. Every Sunday they do a “bottomless wings” offer for £15 (and kids eat free). They also sell baps, burgers and wraps and rice boxes as well, so there is something for everyone if you go as a group.

To close the review, the only criticism I could really make would be the price. It is quite competitive if you were to compare it to other “trendy” food places, but for the same amount of money you could go and pick yourself up from one of the restaurants in Westfield, like Pastaio. See below for my tried chicken scoreboard:

Fried chicken = 4/5

Location = 5/5

Atmosphere = N/A

Other food = 4/5

Value for money = 2/5

Speed of service = 3/5

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If you want to try Wing Wing, you can book a table online, get delivery from Deliveroo or go on their website to book click and collect.


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