Win A Nanopresso Portable Coffee Machine


Have you ever had a cup of coffee and thought “I wish I didn’t just pay £2.49 for a styrofoam cup of lukewarm Nescafe just because I am on the beach with the kids”?. The struggle is real. One of the many inventions I wish I had thought of is the Nanopresso Portable Coffee Machine. The Nanopresso gives you all of the full capabilities of a coffee machine, just on the go. IT is tiny and compact enough to take anywhere, so if you want to be a smug Sally in the morning at Reading festival, drinking your espresso while everyone nurses their hangovers with water then this is the product for you.


The best news is yet to come. You can win one!

I think we can all agree that first morning coffee gets us out of some sticky situations (mine stops me from calling at least 40 people jobsworth twats on the commute). To build up their new Instagram page, Urban Gifts are going to select one lucky winner to win a their portable coffee machine. Urban Gifts sell the Nanopress online, and also loads of other amazing gifts for the sort of person that a gift voucher just won’t cut it for.

Here’s how to enter:

Take a selfie of you with your morning coffee.

Use the hashtag #coffeestopsmefrom and tell us what moans or gripes you would have made if it wasn’t for your morning brew.

Tag @UrbanGiftsUK (you can enter on either Instagram OR Twitter).

It really is that simple guys. It doesn’t matter which picture you use or where you are drinking your coffee. If you want to follow/tag me as well I’ll make sure I leave you a comment and let you know what has got my goat that morning too!


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