Why The Prom Trend Is So Great For Kids

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In America, the prom is a long standing tradition. Every single teen drama you used to love (The O.C, 90210, Gossip Girl etc), culminated with the senior prom. The idea of the prom is becoming more and more popular in the UK, and it isn’t even just senior school age leavers that are getting in on the action. Over the last couple of years, proms have even become popular with kids leaving junior school. The idea of a prom actually goes all the way back to the 1800s, and is a seminal moment in any teenagers life. Are we putting a bit too much pressure on our UK counterparts to have “the best night of their lives”?. If we are, that is a fault we need to rectify. Because there are SO MANY good reasons to have a prom.

Kids are forced to make memories

Remember last time you had a family party and your prom-aged child sat on Instagram and Tik Tok all day? This is unfortunately the new generation for you. Granted, not all of them are like it, but the large majority won’t participate in anything that doesn’t involve getting likes. This is why having a prom is such a great idea. Many have professional photographers that capture the moments the average 16 year old will miss in favour of taking a selfie. Not only will there be some great pictures for the kids to look back on, but prom usually holds dear memories as the last time the entire school were all together.

It teaches responsibility 

No one is saying the parent needs to take on all of the prom organisation. If the prom is an end of senior school one all of the kids are aged 15 to 16 and can certainly handle the easier things like finding prom car hire ideas. If you as a parent have agreed to help out, agree in advance what you are actually prepared to do and what is actually going to be left to the attendee. After prom, they are going to have to go and live in the big adult world anyway, so getting organised for a prom is a great way to practice.

It’s a way to blow off steam after exams

Whether the school have gone all out, or the prom is just a quiet affair, the chances are with the whole year there and some music it is going to be a fun night. The last year of both junior school AND senior school is super stressful. There is a constant worry about exam results and by the end of year 11 you really do not have much time to turn it around if you do not think you have done well. So before the exam results come in, and after all of the stress of taking them has subsided, is the perfect time for a huge party. Because on the face of it, that’s all that prom is. A huge party where everyone gets dressed up and dances and enjoys themselves.

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