Why Have We Lost Faith In Charities?

A few years ago I was up in Leicester for a friend’s Mum’s wedding. When I arrived we went to Turtle Bay for happy hour (this was when I still drank alcohol) and I came out rather tipsy. On the way back to the car we were approached by a UNICEF representative and persuaded to give £10 a month. People always feel more generous after a drink and to be honest the woman said I didn’t look my age so I would have given her anything she asked for. I’ve never stopped to think about how hard that job is. Being a charitable person – I would never assume that people would be really against giving to charity.

Recently, TPO mobile did a study that shows recent factors like bad press have made people trust in charities less – which is a real shame. Although people are still willing to give to charity, they trust them a lot less and a huge 20% of people don’t think their donation will make a difference.

I have to say, I don’t find the results surprising. People tend to gravitate more towards a cause that has affected them personally, which shows how much a personal connection is important when choosing a charity to give to.

What should I consider when choosing a charity?

Most people are in the position to only be able to donate to one charity, so picking one that it right for you is important. Things you may consider could be:

  • Minimum donation
  • How the charity invest their funds
  • How the charity spend your money
  • Who is in charge of what
  • What their main aim is as an organisation

Finding something that is hassle free is also a contributing factor to people picking charities, which is why companies like TPO are becoming so popular. The People’s Operator are a mobile phone operator that run on the Three network, and they donate 10% of your bill to charitable causes. To date, the company has donated £400,000 to charitable causes.

*written in partnership with The Peoples Operator. You can find more information about them here http://www.thepeoplesoperator.com/


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  1. Holly
    April 15, 2018 / 10:04 am

    It’s important to research charities before you donate to them. Some aren’t truthful about their contributions while others get zero attention and we don’t know they’re out there! But you’re definitely right. Charities are important in every community and whether it’s our time, talent, or money, we should consider helping them out. XOXO.


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