Want To Take Dating More Seriously? Try A Local Site

*This post was written in collaboration with Norfolk Dating

There comes a time when, as an adult, you might want to take dating more seriously. As much as it is great to be comfortable in your own company, some people just prefer being in a relationship, and that’s OK. The trouble is, for busy, working people, there are not a lot of options out there for meeting potential dates. Online dating has got a bad reputation in the past but the market has transformed in the last few years. One of the best things about this transformation is the creation of local dating sites. Be honest, we’ve all scrolled through a dating site and wondered what the hell the geo filter is up to haven’t we? Not only are local dating sites more accurate when it comes to people in and around your area, but the people that are signed up to them tend to be that little bit more serious. Here are a few tips on using local dating sites to your advantage for finding that someone special. 

Be detailed about your geo

The more detailed you are about your geo, the more likely you are to meet someone close to your area. For example, if you are joining a Norfolk Dating Site you can be detailed about your location. Adding in your specific location like Thetford or Kings Lynn means that you can find potential dates more or less on your doorstep. 

Take advantage of that fact they are free

The great thing about local dating sites is that the majority of them are free. This is great because it means you can sign up, see what’s out there and you haven’t wasted your hard-earned cash on a dating site that has no suitable matches for you. This also means that if you live on the border o you commute into a different city or town for work you can sign up to their local dating site too. An after-work date would be pretty easy to organise and you could end up finding someone perfect for you who lives around the area you work in. And let’s face it if things work out it will be super handy to have somewhere to stay close to work! 

Go on as many dates as possible

If you have signed up to a local dating site, the idea is to go on dates. But some people can get so caught up in finding the person who is “perfect” for them, they have really strict criteria people need to meet before they will go out on a date with them. But think back to some of your exes. Did you always like them instantly? You probably warmed to them over time if you are being honest with yourself. There is no harm in going out for a few dinners and a few drinks. You might be speaking to someone you are not quite sure on and they could end up being completely different in real life. 

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