If you read the title of this and went in your head “Wahaca haca ey ey” in the tune of Waka Waka by Shakira, then don’t worry, you are about where I have been for the past week. I knew ahead I was going to be visiting this uber-popular Mexican, and despite the fact I read the menu around 100 times I still hadn’t decided what I wanted ahead of going, which is massively unusual for me.

Wahaca is seriously trendy. But the great thing about it is, it isn’t trendy for the sake of being trendy. Unlike most of these new additions to the restaurant game in Shoreditch that want to serve you avocado from a shoe or some shit, Wahaca is just a naturally trendy place. Vibrant decor, great atmosphere, seat swing, and amazing “street art” adorning the walls. If the food wasn’t good, at least this was somewhere I wouldn’t actually mind spending a couple of hours. The great thing about media lunches is the fact that everything is done on a company card, so no one minds ordering pretty much everything.

The menu at Wahaca is a bit of a mishmash. You can order smaller plates of street food, set menus, main meals. Something for everyone really. We ordered a couple of the smaller plates to start with and then a main meal each. The first small plate I got to sample were the delightful flash-grilled steak tacos. For someone who classes themselves as a foodie, I really shouldn’t admit this, but I actually like my steak well-done. I have never eaten anything flash-grilled in my entire life, but these tacos were perfection. I always find it a waste to hide really good meat in sauces like the chipotle salsa, but the combination of the melt in your mouth steak and “not too spicy” salsa were perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up. The street food was enjoyed alongside the crispiest, most un-greasy nachos ever, although I must admit I do usually prefer my guac to have a bit more of a kick.

The grilled chicken and avocado weren’t overly impressing. I do feel like avocado is a “trend” and every London restaurant feels like they have to fulfil some sort of avocado quota. This really must be the case, because I cannot think of another reason a taco would contain avocado of its own accord AND guacamole. Be brave London. Buck the trend. Avocados don’t taste of anything. Please listen to this.

As everyone was getting pretty full with the street food I was starting to get concerned no-one would order a bigger plate. Although I was starting to get a bit full myself, I seriously had my eye on the chicken enchiladas. Now chicken is a meat that I feel belongs in saucy dishes like Mexican’s and curries. I don’t want lamb or beef overpowering my spice experience. Just keep it simple. I’ve had enchiladas in the past that were soggier than an Evening Standard I’ve used to cower from the rain while waiting for the 25 to Oxford Circus. I am pleased to report, the Wahaca enchiladas were not so. Even embedded in the delightful sauce and sour cream, they kept a certain crunch, which was most welcome. The chicken was the perfect size. I often find that restaurants that serve chicken enchiladas do so with huge lumps of chicken that are big enough to choke you. The green rice was also a really nice addition. It was something that made these a little bit different from the standard enchiladas you’ll get from lesser Mexican restaurants. The only thing I’m sad about is that I didn’t try cactus while I was there, but I found this cheap Mexican cookbook on Amazon:Mexican Food Made Simple, so maybe I’ll just start cooking it for everyone when they come round.

I’d visit Wahaca again. While not rendered absolutely speechless by it, it is a great, fun restaurant that serves decent food and doesn’t cost too much. Ideal for a family meal or kicking back with friends.



You can find out more about Wahaca on their website.

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