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We Love Dates

(Quick selfie before I jumped on the train to London)

I wouldn’t say that I have been a huge fan of online dating in the past. I find the whole concept if judging someone on their looks and swiping left or right a bit shallow, and I am definitely one of those people that falls in love with personalities. I thought my ex, who is the only person I have been in a long term relationship, was a moron the first time I met him. I actually said to my friend “if you bring that weirdo out again I’m not coming”. But we we friends for 6 months, and before either of us realised what the hell was happening, we fell in love. So the “judge instantly” kind of dating style really isn’t usually for me.

But I was recently given the opportunity to try out We Love Dates, and I must admit the site grabbed my attention a lot more than other dating sites do. The profiles are a little bit more in-depth, which means there is a lot more to go on when you are trying to find a potential suitor. The site is really easy to navigate as well. Another thing I like about it is that nearly all of the features are available on a free account. There are loads of ways to communicate on the site and make it clear what you are looking for. There is actually a box you can add to your profile called “my ideal partner”. Things like this save a lot of time, because if there is something you are absolutely unwilling to compromise on you can put it in here. You can message for free, so it is easy enough to get chatting to people. I decided to meet up with a guy from a couple of towns over from me, Canvey Island.

We Love Dates

One of the many lessons I have learned the hard way is not to share too much about my online dating life on social media, because it always comes back to bite me in the bum and I tend to jinx things. So although I have shared a bit on socials about where we are and how the date went I’m not going to give TOO much away. He works in London, and so do I, so we decided to meet up at The Ivy Market Grill, which is one of my favourite places. We shared a lot of the same interests, like food and music. In fact, we both used to DJ (yes, you can actually find my Soundcloud from 6 years ago if you look hard enough). Having those few extra bits on the dating profile on We Love Dates meant that we really clicked and there were no awkward silences.

Who knows where it might lead. We haven’t added each other on social media yet, but if we do I’ll probably have to come clean that I posted about my date. But I did mention it briefly and he didn’t seem fussed, which is great news.

You can join for free. Find my Instagram post all about the date here.

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