Top Ten Reasons To Work With Get Blogged

*This post was written in collaboration with Get Blogged.

Blogger outreach

As a blogger or a company trying to do outreach, is can be a nightmare to know what platforms to use or how to utilise your contacts. If you are just starting out as a business or a blogger there don’t tend to be many opportunities to suit lower DA’s or smaller advertising budgets. This can be especially daunting for bloggers. When you start to get involved in the community you always tend to see other bloggers getting really good work and wonder where you are going wrong. And for companies, the day to day running of things more than likely takes up the majority of the owners time and free time, so trying to find bloggers to promote the brand often gets bumped down very low on the to do list.

But Get Blogged is a fantastic platform that strikes the balance between helping both bloggers and companies and giving them fair compensation and pricing. Even if you are a Micro Blogger, you can register and still get paid work. You don’t need tens of thousands of followers to monetise all of the hard work you are putting into your blog. Here are my top ten reasons for companies and bloggers to use Get Blogged:

Reasons for bloggers to use Get Blogged

  • You do not need to have a high DA to get work

All of the assignments on Get Blogged have different DA requirements. But the lowest DA you can pick up work for on Get Blogged is a very reasonable 5. So if you are new to blogging and you are currently trying to build on your DA with different SEO strategies, you can still get some paid work. The money goes up as your DA goes up so if you do put a lot of work into increasing your DA, you will be adequately compensated.

  • They pay really quickly

Although the maximum timescale Get Blogged give for checking your work and making payment is 72 hours, it is rarely this long. In my experience I have found them to pay incredibly quickly when you do work. The money goes into your Paypal account and you are able to access it straight away.

  • You do not need to chase invoices

Surely this is one of the things every blogger hates with a passion about paid work? I don’t know about anyone reading this but if I have learned one thing over the past few years of blogging it is that people absolutely hate paying. Get Blogged eliminates the need for you to chase the client yourself.

  • There is always lots of work

We’ve all been there haven’t we? You get promised the world for joining a certain blogger platform and then every time you check back in there isn’t any work. You’ve basically wasted your time and given over your personal details for nothing. Get Blogged always have a regular stream of work.

  • You can get rewards for referring other bloggers

Another great thing about get blogged is that you get rewarded for referring people. There is a leaderboard and the winners get cash prizes.

Reasons for companies to use Get Blogged

  • It saves you time

For any business, Blogger Outreach is a very time consuming process. But Get Blogged have a regular pool of bloggers you can use, and take the majority of the hard work out of the process.

  • You pay fair prices

Get Blogged have a pricing structure based on DA. This means that if you are just starting out and you don’t really know what to look for, you won’t get tricked by an influencer with a fake following or fake traffic. This means your advertising and content will definitely get seen by a considerable audience.

  • They are helpful

Get Blogged are super helpful and it never takes them any longer than a day to get back to emails (in my personal experience). Blogger outreach can be an overwhelming process and this means that a lot of smaller companies are afraid to utilise it which is a shame as it is a very effective form of marketing.

  • You get content from loads of different bloggers

Bloggers are less likely to win your work if they already have back links to your site. This means that you get a constant stream of new bloggers writing about you and back linking to your website.

  • You can post as many assignments as you want

There are no maximums with Get Blogged, so if you have loads of products or services t promote you can post as many assignments as you want. Again, these will be done by all different bloggers and provide you with widespread coverage.

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