Top Secret Comedy Club

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Top Secret Comedy Club

I almost feel guilty writing about the Top Secret Comedy Club. I mean, am I allowed to? Do they ACTUALLY want to keep it a secret? Of course they don’t!

I was lucky enough to get to visit the Top Secret Comedy Club a couple of weeks back for a work outing. Now I am going to admit to you – I am a tough audience. When I used to drink, I used to hate drinking games. Why? Because I hate the thought of “organised fun”. Plus, no-one needed to give me extra encouragement to get myself absolutely shit-faced. I feel the same about comedy clubs. My biggest laughs come from completely random stuff that no one else on this earth apart from my best friend Lindsey would find funny, memes, and things me and my little gay gaggle of mates have done at some point over the last 17 years.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t expecting to be made to laugh at the Top Secret Comedy Club. I find myself highly hilarious so as you can imagine the last thing I was expecting was to be made laugh. But none the less, I wasn’t doing anything else that evening and Teads wanted to take us on a night out, so I thought “why not?”. (By the way, Teads are a pretty good shout if you are in ad tech and you need video inventory.).

I have to admit, the first couple of comedians threw me off of my determination not to laugh. As a fan of pretty sarcastic humour, I felt like they both really hit the mark. If there is one thing someone who works in London loves, it’s comedians taking the piss out of London. Then a comedian came on called Christopher Macarthur-Boyd came on and oh my word he was hilarious. Scottish people often make me laugh in general. I have a couple of Scottish friends and I have always found their dry sense of humour matches my incredibly sarcastic black heart. The ability to take the piss out of literally everything that happens to you isn’t something that should be frowned upon. During Christopher’s performance, I laughed out loud the whole way through, which surprised me.

The great thing about the Top Secret Comedy Club is that you can get tickets super cheap. Sometimes if you are lucky you can pick them up for £1, which is well worth it.

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*This review was not paid for nor is endorsed by the Top Secret Comedy Club

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