Top 5 Ways To Save Money On A Wedding

*This post was written in collaboration with wedding photo swap

Wedding Photo Swap

A wedding should be the happiest day of your life, but let’s face it: they are stressful to organise. The logistics of getting all of your loved ones in one place can be an absolute nightmare. Then there is the financial side. As much as you want to splurge on your big day, is it REALLY worth wasting what could be a house deposit on a huge one day party? Here are some nifty tricks to save money on your wedding.

Stick to your budget

I know this sounds like a really simple one, but it is SO easy to go over budget when you see a dress or venue you fall in love with. But by being strict with your budget you will actually save money in the long run. Write a list of things in order of importance and allocate the budget accordingly.

Use Wedding Photo Swap

I know photographers are very talented people, but it actually blows my mind how much they get paid for one day of work. Capturing the memories is important, but there are ways you can do this without the need for a photographer at all. Apps like Wedding Photo Swap, allow all of your guests to share their photos and look at other people’s photos. This means you’ll get the photos taken by every single guest, which will be way more than a photographer would take.

Haggle over prices

A huge part of British culture is just accepting the price of something and paying it. But if you don’t ask, you don’t get. There may be wedding vendors that are happy to haggle with you on prices in return for things like being able to use your wedding in their PR material. You’ll soon be able to tell whether the vendor is open to haggling or not, and if they are not, move on to another one.

Don’t actually say it’s a wedding

This one sounds a bit sneaky, but the sad fact is as soon as people know it is a wedding they will put the prices up. Especially things like DJ’s and venues. If you can help it at the time of booking try not to mention it’s a wedding initially. Just say it’s an event and see what price you get. When you shop around for quotes get them for your event and then if the vendor tries to up the price when they find out it’s a wedding, try to make them honour the original offer.

Shop local

Finding small, local businesses can usually work out much cheaper than hiring DJ’d, caterers etc of bigger, national companies. Local businesses are usually really happy with your custom so the chances are you will get a bit of a better price. If you are unsure of what local wedding businesses there are in your area, try to attend a local wedding fair. If there are none in your area, use a Facebook search rather than a Google one as a lot of smaller companies run off of just Facebook pages and not websites.

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