Tips for Spick and Span Make up Brushes

According to recent research, washing make up brushes is the top most irritating thing in the entire world, in front of Justin Bieber and bin juice. No, I made that up. But it feels like it doesn’t it? I feel like I am constantly stuck in-between a rock and a hard place between wanting nice skin and being bothered to go through the process of actually cleaning my make up brushes.

I got sent a lovely set of brushes by Furless Cosmetics a while ago, and it really pushes me to keep them clean because they are so nice. If you are as unenthusiastic as me (about the brushes, not life. If you are as unenthusiastic about life as me get help, really), then here are a few tips.

Use face wash


I know it sounds line I’ve finally crossed the border into COMPLETELY crazy, but it makes sense doesn’t it? I’ve used baby shampoo like every single tutorial says, but the only way I literally remain blemish free is by using face wash. I have sensitive skin anyway, so I use Simple face wash, and using this on my brushes really stops my skin getting massively irritated. Also, you can definitely pick up Simple from the pound shop, so everyone’s a winner right?

If you don’t have a pound shop where you live, can you tell me where it is so I can move their please? My chavvy hometown has five. Yep. FIVE.

Rinse them in lukewarm water first


It may sound more sense to soak them first, but if you give them a rinse first you will get rid of the bulk of the residue. If you put them straight in soak, there will just be so much residue that they will just be soaking in dirty water. Like when you get lost in a good book in the bath and realise you’ve been sitting in your own filth for three hours (no, just me?). Rinsing is the way you want to be getting all of the residue off, soaking in the face was and water is how you actually want to be cleansing. Chances are if you are going in depth enough to wash your make up brushes, your housemates/family/partner are already used to the bathroom looking like a fake tan massacre, so don’t sweat the mess.

Give them a rinse every day


I know, I know, they are a bugger to dry. But seriously, ESPECIALLY your foundation brush, you really should rinse every day. Not only for the cleanliness factor, but also because day old foundation is crispy and disgusting. You want 100% fresh form the bottle every time you use. It’s sealed for a reason guys.

Dry them with a hair dryer


I don’t know what takes longer to dry. Barry M nail varnish or make up brushes. But probably make up brushes, because I am exaggerating about the Barry M (although sometimes it takes so long to dry I wonder if it will actually smudge on the sheets of my death bed).

Fair enough if you are able to leave your brushes to dry for a couple of days, but seriously, who goes two days without wearing make up? Exactly. I quickly dry mine with a hair dryer. Make sure you don’t go too gung-ho with your Revlon number and ruin the shape. I dry mine downwards so they keep their original shape and also this is a good way to ensure I don’t burn myself because I’m a clumsy bint.

Use a sponge


Dedicate yourself a good sponge so you can really give them a good wash. Remember though, try not to be too vigorous and take away the shape of the actual brush. There are loads of make up brush sponges out there now. No really. That is a product that actually exists. Thank me later.

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