Three Types Of Dating For Over 50s

*This post was written in collaboration with My Cougar Dates

Cougar Dating

Dating if you are over 50 can be tough. Being someone that didn’t grow up in the “digital age” can easily leave you feeling a bit behind if you are that kind of age and a bit of a technophobe. Another set back is that people see over 50s as people who want to “settle down” and naturally assume they would not be open to the idea of casual dating. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are a number of websites and dating niches that cater to the overs 50s who are looking for a bit of adventure.

Cougar Dating

If you haven’t been exposed to it, it can be easy to assume that cougar dating is something that just appears in American TV shows like Cougar Town (which starred Courtney Cox fresh from Friends). But cougar dating is a huge niche and very popular with over 50s. It’s not particularly advisable to use regular dating websites if you are looking to participate in this kind of dating only. It’s a lot better to use websites like My Cougar Dates, so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the dating process. Remember to be very specific about the age range you are looking to date. The concept of how big the age difference needs to be when you are a cougar varies from woman to woman., is a great start.

One Night Stands

Again, over 50s get a little bit of a raw deal when it comes to dating just to have one night stands. The issue is that a lot of people view people who are over 50 as people who are desperate to settle down. But the popularity of websites that cater to this niche proves that theory wrong. Having fun over the age of 50 is something that is accessible to both men and women. One of the huge benefits of using a specific one night stands dating website is that no one is going to expect any more. From the point of registration the participants all know that this is going to go no further than a casual fling. Like with cougar dating, being incredibly specific on what you are looking for will achieve the best results.

BDSM hookups

Another type of niche dating that gets overlooked when it comes to the over 50s. For some reason people tend to assume that over 50s do not have an adventurous side. But you will find while browsing BDSM websites or social media pages that there are a number of people in this age range that want to participate in this type of dating niche. The good thing as well is that this crosses over with the others quite fluidly. Many people into BDSM would be into one night stands or the idea of being with a cougar. The best strategy would be to register your interest on as many websites as possible so that you have a larger number of options available.



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