Things To Do In Mayfair

One of the things I’ve loved about moving from a job in Covent Garden to a job in Fitzrovia is that even 7 months later, I am finding places in London I had no idea were so close to me. I happened to find out how close to Mayfair I was before Christmas when I took a trip to the Oscar De La Renta shop to get my Mum a scarf. If you are staying at one of the many luxurious hotels in Mayfair you might be trying to find some things to do in Mayfair that are not particularly pricey. Luckily enough, I know Mayfair well enough now to give you a little rundown on some of the sights to see and places to visit.

Things to do in Mayfair – Window Shop

Things to do in Mayfair

While it’s true that us mere mortals can’t afford to shop in most of the shops along New Bond Street – that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them. One of the main appeals to Mayfair is how classy it is in general. You’ll even find that the pavements are higher quality in this area of London. High-end fashion boutiques like Gucci and Oscar De La Renta are a splendid place to spend half an hour. One of the things that put a lot of people off is being a bit embarrassed to go in if you are not buying anything, but I’ve never found that to be the case. Let’s be honest, most rich people are tight (that’s why they are rich). None o the sales assistants will think anything less of you for only being in there for a look around. You might even swing some free samples.

Things to do in Mayfair – Soak up the Culture

Things to do in Mayfair

Not a lot of people realize how many galleries and museums there are in Mayfair. The Maddox gallery in Mayfair is probably one of the more trendy places to visit. They caused quite a stir in 2016 by displaying a nude painting of Donald Trump. Granted it isn’t as huge as the Tate Modern but it is well worth a visit. I wasn’t actually sure where I stood with photographing the art. Thankfully, the front of the gallery is pretty photogenic (although how rude of this white car).

If you are a music lover, you might want to visit the Handel House & Hendrix Flat on Brook Street. It may seem a bit strange to link these two very different musicians, but they actually had residences super close to each other. Handel lived at 25 Brook Street and Jimmy Hendrix had a flat at number 23. They have both been turned into an art space/museum and offering a fascinating insight into both of the men’s rather colourful lives.

Somewhere else you might think is worth a visit is Sotheby’s. Unbelievably, you can visit just to view the art. You might even find yourself in front of a rare Banksy. As Sotheby’s is on New Bond Street it is a GREAT location for anyone staying in Mayfair.

Things to do in Mayfair – Get the Best Avocado Toast EVER!

Things to do in Mayfair

I recently featured the Elan Cafe in my blog post about the 5 prettiest cafes in London. As well as being so pretty, the menu is fantastic. Elan boasts a varied menu complete with all-day breakfast choices, sandwiches, and the most delightful selection of cakes you could ever ask for. If you are planning a visit, be prepared to queue because it gets seriously busy of a weekend. Also, if you have aspirations of getting a photo of the incredibly Instagrammable front of the shop – you may need to reconsider. The queue is usually so long that you can’t get a good shot of the front without getting hundreds of randomers in your picture. But don’t let that put you off. The cakes alone make this well worth a visit. The carrot cake is a particularly wonderful choice. PSA: they also do vegan brownies.

Things to do in Mayfair – If you Don’t Mind a Walk

Things to do in Mayfair

When I say “if you don’t mind a walk”, I mean literally 20 mins. That may sound a lot, but when you are walking through a beautiful part of London it goes really quickly. Liberty is a quintessentially British department store. The ground floor is an assault on the senses. Stepping into this old fashioned building is like stepping back in time. The entire place just oozes class. It’s especially lovely at Christmas (although one bauble will set you back £25). There are a number of floors which range from things like womenswear to fabrics, so there is something for everyone. Even if you don’t go in, it’s worth a visit for a selfie at the front.

Things to do in Mayfair – How to get There

The nearest tube station to Mayfair is Green Park:

Bond Street and Oxford Street are also close. Travelling with someone who hates the tube? Don’t worry, so was I. If the weather is dry and you don’t mind a walk, get on a bus to Tottenham Court Road and have a little walk down to Mayfair. Do what we did and stop off at Black Street Coffee in Goodge Street ,to fuel up before you start.


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