Things That I’ve Learned At The Age Of 30

So, I’m 30 now. My 30th was lovely and went by quite uneventfully which is exactly what I wanted as last year I ended up having to leave my job on my birthday due to the manager being so awful to me. As it’s a ‘milestone’ (in the words of my best friend Jade) I got to do some lovely stuff like seeing Aladdin and a meal with my friends who totally and utterly spoiled me. Seeing as being 30 has made me feel all reflective and shit, I thought I’d share some of the things I have learned so far in this rollercoaster called life.

You can change career at any age

In 2017 I finally said goodbye to the care job I’d worked in more or less for 6 years. After working my way up to being a manager – I came to the realisation I was being absolutely taken the piss out of. On my 29th birthday, the manager who had been trying to get me out for years was particularly horrible to me, so I just left. I literally walked out, threw my laptop across the desk and walked straight to the recruitment agency in the town centre.

This was the Tuesday. I had a job in Camden as a Digital Marketing Assistant by the Friday and started the next Monday morning. I quickly identified that out of all of the things I could learn, programmatic media buying would be the most valuable skill to me. I read and read and read on the train. I asked questions. SO many questions. I probably annoyed everyone working with me to be honest. When the company went tits up, I was out of work for two weeks before I found a job as a Senior Programmatic Display Account Executive. The point of this story is, you CAN do it. If you are unhappy in your job it doesn’t matter how old you are. Don’t settle.

Sometimes, groups of friends don’t mix

I found out recently that one group of my friends all absolutely fucking hated another friend from a different group. It was a little bit unfair to be honest, but I do have the luxury of having loads of groups of friends that all genuinely care about each other so if one of them feels that I’m not exactly being treated nicely they will call it out. All this taught me is that sometimes my typical exuberant Pisces personality trait of wanting everyone to get along is probably not always welcome. It’s ok to have separate parts of your life for separate people.

If someone is meant to be in your life, they will be

As I’ve got older, specifically in the last year or so, I’ve realised that however it works, things happen for a reason. I’ve spent FAR too much of my life caring about people that simply do not give a shit. My 30th birthday present to myself is simply not bothering with people who couldn’t seem to care less anymore. I have a lovely group of friends who I have known for 16 years who spoiled me rotten on my birthday and I am lucky to have them. Anyone else is just a bonus.

You do not need to ‘fit’ to the template of what you should be doing at your age

People give me banter because I still live with my Mum at 30, but to be honest, if you had no commitments, wouldn’t you? I have done the whole ‘live in a flat’ thing and I moved back in with her when I broke up with that particular boyfriend. After that I did a bit of travelling and working abroad and kept promising myself I’d move out, but I just didn’t. Eventually I would like to live closer to the city because I work there, but that is something I am doing for me. I’m not going to be bullied into doing something I don’t want to just because I don’t fit in with the conventional picture of a 30 year old that everyone has in their heads.

The number on the toaster is minutes 

I saw this on a meme the other day and my mind was absolutely blown. I honestly thought it was just the level of toast toasting. Fancy getting to 30 and realising you haven’t been using a toaster correctly for all of this time?

It’s ok to take time out to work on your mental health

I gave up drinking in August which has meant a lot of staying in and trying to work on having better willpower before I go out again. This has obviously meant quite a lot of friendship casualties. Because I’m not as social as I used to be, some people have decided to take it pretty personally. Luckily, this has done a great job of showing me who I do and don’t want in my life. All of my REAL friends have been massively understanding, and despite the fact they have a little wind up here and there, with their help I have successfully managed not to drink for nearly 8 months.

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