The Sunshine Blogger Award

I am an outcast in the blogging community. After quite a well known blogger accused me very publicly of using bots (I don’t by the way), I was literally scared shitless to follow anyone. After that I honestly haven’t followed any new bloggers for months. It really put a downer on me to see someone that is “looked up to” jump to conclusions and try to shame me publicly. Last weekend I also had a troll who dedicated time out of their day to criticise my blog and then go to the effort of using another IP when I blocked them. I often think bloggers must think I am rude but I honestly don’t join in any blogger chats or anything like that because I have had so many negative experiences in the community. So when the lovely Ashleigh from Ashleigh’s Tea Party nominated me it really made my day. Just because I don’t often comment or interact, it doesn’t mean I don’t read peoples blogs. Some of my favourites are Beauty By The Bunny, Healthy Vix, Glam Glitz Gloss, and Nicki Kinickie.

I’m not going to nominate any of you girls because I know you are super busy, but if you do get the chance I’d love to hear your answers to the same questions that Ashleigh asked me, as I think they are awesome.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

When someone tells me my blog made them laugh. Ever the joker, making people laugh is one of my favourite things in the whole world. I try not to let “trying to be funny” take over my whole post, but I do try to let my sarcastic sense of humour come through.

Name one place in the UK you would most like to visit that you haven’t already.

I’d actually like to do to the Isle Of Wight. Is that even in the UK though?

What hobbies do you have other than blogging?

I used to DJ, and although I do not have decks at the moment I plan to get some new ones when I get a flat at the end of this year. You heard it here first.

If you threw a dinner party for four famous people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Shakira, because I love her and I have always loved her. I went to see her in 2002 and I cried. I’m seeing her again in June and I can’t wait.

Rosa Parks because I’d love to see what she makes of the world today.

The Queen because she looks like a laugh.

Paul the Octopus who predicted the World Cup results.What made you start a blog?

What made you start a blog?

Everyone told me to because they thought my Facebook statuses were funny.

What is favourite form of social media?

Twitter. I honestly love it and if you don’t see me tweeting please call my Mum Trace and make sure I am OK.

What was your favourite TV show as a child?

Fun house. I still know the theme tune now and me and my friend used to sing it to our English teacher to piss him off.

If you could go back and retrain as anything career-wise what would it be?

I’d do what I am doing now (programmatic media buyer). At the grand old age of 29 last year, I walked out of the care manager job I had for 6 years because they treated me terribly. I’d been doing freelance marketing work off of the back of my blog, and a start-up in Camden gave me a chance and hired me as a digital marketing executive. I absolutely worked my tits off and when the company folded I got a job as a Senior Programmatic Display Account Executive.

What are your favourite types of blog posts to write?

I like writing food reviews, and I also absolutely love writing humour posts. I recently wrote one about How To Survive The Commute and it got great feedback.

Do you have any phobias?

Accordions. i’m not even saying it to be funny, I was terrified of them when I was little and I still hate them now.

Who is your favourite character from Friends and why? 

Rachel. I think she is so undervalued as a character. She’s not funny in an obvious way like Phoebe or Joey, but she has some great one-liners.


  1. April 21, 2018 / 7:05 am

    Some people have nothing better to do than be mean, just stay your happy cheerful self . Lyn x

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