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I hate having my hair cut. I don’t know where it comes from. Possibly when I was younger, and I hated getting hair all over me (once when I was 5 I told my Mum I was ‘itching to buggery’ – true story). The sitting still for ages doesn’t really help either. When someone I know does my hair I’m usually alright, because we can gossip about people we know. Getting my hair done in a salon though, that has always been an absolute no no.

Today I visited ‘The Strand’ in Chelmsford, and they have changed my whole outlook on the hairdressing experience. I thought it would be a right mare to find, but its on Mouslham Street (next to dunkin doughnuts, don’t know how all the stylists are so petite). When I arrived, the staff were so welcoming. This makes a HUGE difference I think. It doesn’t take anything to offer you a drink and show you round. I’m not saying when I go in Asda I expect someone to take my coat and make me a Nescafe, but when you go to get your hair and nails done its a bit different isn’t it.

After my stylist, Danielle introduced herself (yes, introduced herself instead of just sitting me down and snipping away), she sat me down and we had a lengthy (lengthy, get it? No? Ok then, I’ll go home) chat about my hair. I tend to curl my hair quite often as I’m lazy, and use heated rollers. I know this is bad for it as well as colouring it, so I am trying to stop both. Danielle advised me that if I did want to give it volume, sleep in rollers were a bit better than heated ones. It’s stylists like this that make me LOVE going to get my hair done. It makes so much difference when someone is genuinely passionate about hair, and willing to give you tips to keep your looking the best.

After a lovely wash with some Sebastian Penetraitt products, I went to get my cut started. Another thing I liked about Danielle, is that she explained to me what she was doing the whole way through. We’ve all been there haven’t we? you go into a salon, no one says a word and you watch as your hair is shorn off and falls to the floor in slow motion like the beginning of some sort of Japanese horror film.

Danielle consulted me the whole way through, and mid way through the cut a woman came in to specifically book her, so you can tell The Strand only have the highest quality stylists. I’m pretty sure that she has also managed to solve the problem of my massively long thick barnet. After the cut, I was given a lovely blow dry and showed a few techniques to keep some volume in my hair. Again, the salon don’t gain anything from this (apart from people walking around Chemlsford with REALLY good hair) but its nice of them to help out with after care.

All in all I had a splendid experience with them, and I can quite honestly say even though I had to get the bus with school kids, chavs, and the OAP crew, I will deffo be visiting again. I cant compliment the staff team enough, they were helpful from absolute start to finish.

They also do a selection of beauty treatments, and even have an offer where you can pay so much a month and have unlimited blow drys. It’s also really handy that they are open late Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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