The Park Plaza, Waterloo

Park Plaza

One of the things I love about being single with no kids is the ability to just be like “right, let’s do something proper random this weekend”. So the other weekend my friend and I decided we deserved a treat so we booked up the Park Plaza in Waterloo and decided we’d have a weekend in the city and go to Roadhouse (can you tell I am becoming a Roadhouse fan?)

I have to say, I am one of those people in the “North London” camp, so it is rare I will venture into South London unless I have to. But the Park Plaza in Waterloo looked really nice and also it’s within walking distance to Covent Garden (this is a long walk mind you and a fast one if you are going with my mate). First impressions of the Park Plaza in Waterloo were good. Huge, clean reception. We kind of couldn’t figure out what it smelled like, I said cleaning fluid (my friend and I managed to bicker about this through the entire check in process). Check in was fairly painless, and we got the lift up to our room.

The rooms at the Park Plaza are a bit small, but very modern. I’ve been to places in the same price range like the Chelsea Harbour  where the rooms are a bit bigger – but I haven’t stayed anywhere this modern since I stayed in a Mrs and Mrs Smith hotel years ago in Tunbridge Wells. The whole room had a remote control. Basically, even the blinds were remote controlled. This was amazing to us. This killed at least 15 minutes on Snapchat filming ourselves playing with the blinds. How entertaining are we though? Surprised we are not famous!

Next up, in “completely random shit that could only happen to me and Laura” there was a knock at our door. When I opened it to be told “room service” I kindly told the man we hadn’t ordered anything

“Oh no, this is a gift”.

Park Plaza

Ok, but I think you have the wrong room. No, he insists, it is DEFINITELY this room. So really, how long am I going to spend arguing with a guy that want to give me free prosecco and macarons? He came in and carefully placed the gift on the table, gave us a strange look, and then left. We wondered why until we saw “happy anniversary” written in large letters on the macaron board. Seriously though, our anniversary is in January. Gifts or Paypal donations welcome (

Thinking the day couldn’t get anymore strange – we headed to the spa. Because honestly, what shit could you possibly get up to in a spa? The spa at the Waterloo Park Plaza is actually really nice. Decent sized pool and HUGE sauna and steam room. I took a trip to the steam room, and when I passed the sauna, I couldn’t quite confirm what I saw out of the corner of my eye, because I didn’t have my glasses on. As I sat with another couple in the steam room, the guy went to look in the sauna and came back and announced to his girlfriend “nope, still stark bollock naked”. So I HAD seen what I had thought I had seen. An old couple fully naked in the sauna. Perfect! As they wandered towards the steam room, I made my exit by explaining to the couple “sorry I can’t cope with situations like this” and spent the rest of my time in the spa swimming. The pool is safe. There were kids in there. No one can go in the swimming pool naked.

We went to Roadhouse for some evening shenanigans, and as much as I love it in there it has got SERIOUSLY gropey. I had to say to one guy “if you touch me again, I will actually punch you in the face”. We came back relatively early after the band, but not two people to be remotely sensible when they have to get up and check out in the morning we stayed up til around 4am watching a programme about police dogs and debating whether helicopters have sirens (they do by the way – MIND BLOWN).

Breakfast at the Park Plaza was unexceptional, but all the more enjoyable because the lady who showed us to our table was called Barbie. The one good thing about it was that there was VERY decent coffee and an abundance of hash browns. Realistically, no matter where you go or how much you pay, that’s all you want in life isn’t it?


  1. June 28, 2018 / 9:22 am

    OMG Kelly this was brilliant! Sauna couple did it for me 🙂


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