The DoubleTree Hilton Docklands

DoubleTree Hilton Docklands

(The view from the indoor bridge that goes over the little bit of river that connects to the hotel’s own dock)

The DoubleTree Hilton Docklands

Even though I work in London and take myself there every day, sometimes I like to have a little treat and stay up there overnight. No occasion struck me as more special than going to Glitterbox  at the Printworks. The nearest hotel with the best transport links appeared to be the DoubleTree Hilton Docklands. The hotel also had rooms to accommodate four people which was great as you’d not believe how hard it is to find rooms for four people.

Early Check-in at the DoubleTree Hilton Docklands

We knew we are going to arrive way too early to check in. I emailed the reception desk beforehand to ask how we could approach this. The event started at so we wouldn’t be able to wait around until 3pm. No problem. The lovely receptionist emailed back very quickly to say if we couldn’t check-in early we could leave our bags there. We arrived around 1pm and although we couldn’t get in the room, we check-in, left our bags and got changed in the toilet. The DoubleTree were really helpful about all aspects of this, and we even got four warm cookies to welcome us to the hotel! Result! So off we trotted to Glitterbox and had a great time. We ended up seeing the room for the first time when we came back after the event.

The rooms at the DoubleTree Hilton Docklands

Myself and Laura came back to the room a bit earlier than the other two. The room was huge. It also had an incredibly luxurious bath and the most AMAZING view. The last time I had seen a view this nice was at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel a couple of years back. The two double beds were really comfy and in the family room you even get another sofa bed made from that. We had it made up as I wasn’t sure how many actual beds there were but the sofa would have been nice. You also get a huge desk and a flatscreen TV, which worked well with our plans to get in bed, eat Chinese and watch Greatest Dancer (I am 31 now, remember). I don’t usually sleep in hotel beds but these ones were something else.

Hotel Facilities at the DoubleTree Hilton Docklands

Breakfast is a bit pricey at the DoubleTree Hilton Docklands so we opted to not have it and to go out in the morning and find our own breakfast. We went on an adventure and luckily we came across Cafe Brera. It was a beautiful little restaurant just inside Cabot Place. Now you are probably wondering what we were doing all of the way across there for breakfast but I’ll let you in on a secret: the Hilton has a free ferry. The night before I’d point blank refused to get on the ferry the next morning. But there I was, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, on the ferry with Meg and Charlotte seeking some form of bacon. And also my favourite “morning after a late night drink”, which is fizzy fizzy orange (always asked for in exactly the way I say it).

As if that wasn’t impressive as it is on its own they also have the following amenities:

  • executive lounge
  • a gym
  • a rooftop bar
  • a restaurant.

I’d highly advise a stay here even if you are not going to something in the area.

You can book here.

This review was not paid for or sponsored by Hilton hotels. They have no connection to the content at all and I stayed as a paying customer. 

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