The Churchill Arms, London

The Churchill Arms

The Churchill Arms in London has become a bit of an Instagram tourist attraction. After giving up alcohol, as you can imagine, I am more drawn to pubs that have great food. The Churchill Arms  have a great Thai menu so as you can imagine I was pretty excited when I found out I was going there for a work lunch.

Whats on the menu at The Churchill Arms?

Basically, all of the Thai. You’ll find the staples of any London venue Thai menu like Pad Thai and Thai curry, but there are also a few things on the menu that you would only find in more traditional Thai restaurants. The Kao Rad Nah is a Jasmine rice dish and you will also fid the Pad Ped which is made with red curry paste. One of the amazing things about the menu here is that on every single dish you are able to choose how spicy you want it. I LOVE spicy food, but there are certain occasions where I don’t want my mouth to actually be on fire. I don’t mind banging down a Phal at home. But when I have to be sociable and talk I really can’t have my mouth on fire. The side dishes are great as well. The menu is short and simple. This means great quality dishes. I chose the vegetable spring rolls as sides and they were amazing. If you order these give them 20 years to cool down though. For the main I went for Pad Thai. Call me boring, but I just love Pad Thai. I always get the Pad Thai at Dim T, so I thought I would have it somewhere else.

Granted, there isn’t as much flavour as the Dim T Pad Thai. But this could be my fault as I specified I didn’t want any spice on it. That isn’t something I do at Dim T.

The Churchill Arms

What’s the atmosphere like at The Churchill Arms?

Despite the fact that it is in the middle of central London, the atmosphere in The Churchill Arms is like your local pub. You sit at the table and order food. There doesn’t appear to be a totally separate restaurant bit. Although I could be wrong about that. All of the different ornaments, flowers and trinkets are pretty fascinating. In fact, there is a really cute outdoor area that I would love to try next time I visit. It’s location is great as well. It is super close to Notting Hill tube station so you can get to it really easily.

Would I recommend The Churchill Arms?

If you are looking to eat, and you like Thai, then yes. I would recommend this place for the food any day. The only issue I could find with this place is that it gets pretty busy. If you want to go and take a look at this pretty pub, make it worth your while and eat there. You may end up having to stand or clamber for a table, which really isn’t worth it just for a G&T. Also, who would want to miss out on food that good?


Food: 7/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Prices: ££

*I visited The Churchill Arms as a paying customer. They are not affiliated with this review in any way and this post is not sponsored. This page and blog theme contains affiliate advertising.


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