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Blacksmith Arms

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This weekend I travelled up to Alton to go to Alton Towers Scarefest. While Scarefest itself was a bit of a disappointment, I did find The Blacksmith Arms which was an amazing turn of events after a walking around a theme park on a freezing cold October day. You’ll probably remember how much I love a country pub from The Dukes Head review I did a while ago. The Blacksmith Arms certainly fits the country pub description. It looks quite clinical and modern from the outside, then as soon as you step in all of the features you would expect of a cosy country pub in the winter months hit your senses like a warm embrace from a friend. Log fire? check. Blankets for customer use? Check. Menu made up of locally sourced ingredients? Check.

I’d got so cold at Alton Towers I found it hard to focus on anything else. Until I defrosted and realised something incredibly cheerful – I was getting food, soon. The menu at The Blacksmith Arms is simple, yet effective. One page for starters, sides and sharers, one page for mains and one for desserts and coffees. They also have a huge wine menu for a country-style pub, but I don’t drink so I didn’t even look. After standing and queuing for roller coasters that were inevitably shut the moment we got to the front all day we were happy to bypass starters in favour of getting stuck right into some comfort food.

Of course, I chose the pork and leek sausages with root mash and vegetables. There really is nothing better on this God-given earth than a good Saturday night sausage. I consider myself quite the sausage sampler, so I wasn’t willing to be overwhelmed by something as basic as a pork and leek sausage, but these really were tasty little bangers. I couldn’t quite place the ingredient that gave them a bit of spice but whatever it was it worked. The root mash was also a wonderfully pleasurable part of the dish. I’m so pleased they used root vegetables as well as potato. I like potato so much it borders on religion, and so so many “trendy” place make their root mash without it, which is a real shame. The dish also came with corn, and a hearty onion gravy. You certainly won’t go hungry after one of The Blacksmith Arms dishes. My Mum had the cannelloni which came with chips, salad AND corn on the cob.

Blacksmith Arms

For dessert, I had got to the point of cold and miserableness where I decided I needed a treat and the lactose intolerance could basically be dealt with the next day. So I was going to have a treat. But what treat? It’s so rare that I am able to eat dessert I don’t even know what ones I like. And then I saw the most beautiful creation I have ever laid eyes on. A JAFFA CAKE cappuccino. Yes – that really is a thing. Oh my, it was wondrous. I actually asked for it without the ice-cream, as both cream and ice cream in one dish is tempting fate a bit TOO much, and they accommodated this for me perfectly.

Places to eat in Alton

Alton Towers Scarefets ended up being a huge waste of money, but I’d go back to Alton in a second just to eat here.

The Blacksmith Arms costs around £40 for two people for a main and dessert without any alcohol.

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