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*This post was written in collaboration with Font Bundles

One of the things I absolutely love about blogging is the fact that I can explore my creative side without being professionally creative. I wasn’t great at art at school, so although I’m not at the level of design where I can draw on an iPad or do anything REALLY fancy, using tools like Font Bundles means I can explore loads of different, professional designs on my blog. If you are a blogger, and like me you want to find some tools to help you out in this area, here is my list of benefits of using fonts

download, to make your blog look that little bit more professional.

You can make great Facebook headers

The main things I share on my Facebook page are funny posts and memes. I try not to share my blog posts too much to over saturate my readers with written content. This works pretty well for me, and I use different branding on this to my blog. I recently created this header:

Which I feel is in keeping with the “fun” element of the page.

You can also make great designs for the header of your blog

Some people like to keep everything the same through all of their content, but I use all of my social media channels for such different purposes I really like to change the design up a bit but keep the same central colour scheme. You can do this or you can use font bundles to make a header and logo design that you use for everything. The great thing about them is that the majority of the fonts are free, so you can try and test loads until you get the design you are looking for. I recently updated my header to this image:

Although it is similar to my Facebook header it is a little bit different and I like that.

You can tie everything together with the same font

As you’ll notice from both of my headers, they are both tied together with one central font. I’ve used the Dragonfly Soup, font throughout all of my imagery. This is a great way to keep your own personal design branding consistent without having to use the exact same header or logo design everywhere. Eventually your font will become personal to you and people will recognise it. Think of the way you recognise the Coca Cola font, or the Disney font whenever you see it.

It’s SUPER easy

Font bundles are obviously aware that there are people like me who use their fonts who are not savvy with all things design. But that really is ok. The fonts easily upload to whatever OS you are using. It took me 30 seconds to download and add the font to my MacBook and be able to use it on all of the programs. As well as this, downloaded fonts seamlessly integrate with design tools like Canva, which means you can stand out from the crowd by using a font that doesn’t come with the tool as standard.

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