The Best Tips For Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is something that bridges the gap between the PR world and the blogging world. PR’s often seek the assistance of well-known bloggers to use their connections in the blogging world. Tips for blogger outreach are usually heavily weighted towards PR companies, but there are a few bloggers can utilise as well. Blogger outreach is just as important to bloggers as it is to PR’s and brands. Once you build up a strong network you will have somewhere to go for tips and advice and you may even be able to share opportunities.

Tips for blogger outreach – decide what you want

The first thing you need to do if you are about to embark on some blogger outreach is think about what you want to ultimately gain from the relationship. Are you looking for backlinks? Sponsored content? A lasting relationship? If you are going to use a service for blogger outreach, you will need to have a plan and a pitch. If you are going to get bloggers to work with you, you are going to need to tell them what they are going to gain from your mutually beneficial relationship.

Tips for blogger outreach – use the best tools

If you use a tool like the Moz browser extension  , you will be able to see the DA and other SEO metrics of every single site that comes up in search engine results. This is a great way to get started on your outreach list. Obviously, there are going to be websites that are huge in the search results and they may not be willing to work with smaller brands or bloggers. This is why it is better to enter more detailed search terms to really drill down on the niche you are trying to find contacts for.

Tips for blogger outreach – personalise 

As a blogger I can confirm there is nothing worse than a generic outreach email that has no thought behind it. Sometimes I even receive emails from people who have clearly not read my blog at all as the subject matter just doesn’t add up. In the short term it will take you ages to write loads of personal emails and read peoples blogs – but it will benefit you in the long run. If you are looking to forge a lasting relationship with the person you are reaching out to then a generic, run of the mill, template email is the worst possible start you can have to working together. I very rarely even reply to emails that have had no thought into them. Actually READ the persons website or blog and pick out a couple of things you like about it. You can then start your outreach email with something like “I really enjoyed your post on your weekend in Brighton, and I was wondering if you would be up for a collaboration?”. As a brand or PR, be mindful that you are not doing the blogger a “favour” by letting them work for you. Micro-influencers tend to have an incredibly engaged audience and most of them put a hell of a lot of work into creating content for you. Try and start off on the right foot by portraying how grateful you would be to work with them – and build mutual respect.


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