The Benefits Of No Strings Dating

no strings dating

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Dating is such a personal thing. No matter how inexperienced or experienced you are with dating, the chances are the way you look for and conduct dates will probably be tied into your personality in some way. There are a number of perceptions of certain types of dating. Someone who dates relentlessly might be branded desperate for a man and someone who barely dates might be branded a crazy old cat lady. But one of the ones I find the most interesting is the way people perceive no strings attached dating. I’ve always been kind of an “if it doesn’t affect me, go for it” type person, but casual dating REALLY gets some peoples backs up. Realistically, if both people are aware the relationship is casual and no one else is involved, where’s the harm? No strings dating can actually be a wonderful thing for people not looking to get tied down. There are quite a number of benefits to this style of dating for certain people.

No strings dating is perfect if you travel a lot

If you travel for work or you are just one of those particularly lucky people that have the money to travel often, a no strings relationship might work out better for you. Trying to find a serious partner when you are not actually settled anywhere is a nightmare, and no one could blame someone for feeling resentful if you upped and left them all of the time. Adult dating sites, exist far and wide so even in the far-flung corners of the globe you could easily find someone with a similar ideal.

No strings dating is the most honest relationship you will ever have

Think about all of your previous relationships. Even in the most wonderful, birds singing, sun shining relationship, you will probably find that you have told a couple of white lies. If you are really in love with someone the chances are you don’t want to rock the boat with some insignificant detail about a guy hitting on you at the bar. Realistically, as long as you are not lying about anything major white lies don’t tend to hurt here and there. But imagine if you met someone you could be completely and brutally honest with. Do you know what? This is what you get with a no strings dating arrangement. Seeing as you are both in agreement that is a casual arrangement and you are free to see other people, you are more like friends with benefits. This means that you can freely share dating horror stories and awkward sexual encounters. No one is going to get offended if no feelings are involved. Imagine how un-complicated a relationship would be if you could be this honest all of the time?

No strings dating means you can be 100% yourself

If you look back over your previous relationships you’ll probably find that even if you are with someone for years you might not do or say certain things for fear of them thinking badly of you. Because the basis of a relationship is two completely different people trying to merge together future aspirations and ideals and sometimes they do not always fit perfectly. You could be seeing a guy for 10 years and still not want to gross him out by shaving your legs in front of him. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a little bit of mystery. But imagine dating someone who could up and leave tomorrow without you being remotely bothered. When you have nothing to lose you can easily be yourself without any fear.

No strings dating is a good way to explore your sexuality

Be honest, how many times have you been in bed with someone you love deeply, praying to God they stop doing that weird thing with their tongue, but you are too scared of offending them to say anything? Even if it isn’t a lot, it’s probably happened in at least one of your previous relationships. Casual relationships give you the opportunity to find out a bit more about what you like and what you don’t without feeling foolish or worrying about hurting someone you care for’s feelings.

No strings dating could easily turn into something serious

Ultimately, there isn’t any good reason that your friends with benefits arrangement can’t turn into something more serious if that’s what you want. Spending a lot of time with someone without any pressure for the relationship to progress can actually be a really good way of getting to know someone. And if it does turn into something more serious – at least you’ll know what each other likes in the bedroom!

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