Tamesis Dock

Tamesis Dock

I thought that scoring a job with an advertising agency in itself was a huge win. Finding out we have monthly nights out at places like Tamesis Dock that are all paid for by media owners cemented the fact I had found my dream job. This month, the entire company set upon Tamesis Dock in the sunshine to enjoy a few drinks and some food. You might think that working somewhere like this would make me struggle with being teetotal, but I honestly don’t find it a challenge at all.

Where is Tamesis Dock?

The nearest tube to Tamesis Dock, is Vauxhall. I’m going to be honest here and tell you that when I say nearest tube, I actually mean “quite a walk”. Although if you can manage to get the traffic lights outside Vauxhall station right, you can probably do anything. The boat is pretty easy to find, and it is quite an interesting walk passing MI5 up close. There really is a huge difference from driving past it to being up close to the doors and seeing the 5 million cameras they have trained on them.

Can you get food at Tamesis Dock?

Tamesis Dock is split into quite a few areas. There are a couple of outdoor decks for dining and a couple reserved just for hanging out and drinking. The bar is indoors and there are also two indoor floors with seating area’s. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that food is incredibly important to me. Out of everywhere I have been recently, Percy & Founders was my favourite. Owing to that fact, as you can imagine. I had high hopes for the food. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t even get to try it! While ones of chips were being passed round I started to feel quite unwell, in the most part due to the fact it was the hottest day of the year. It looked AMAZING though.

I’d have to say that my experience of Tamesis Dock was that if you are hiring it for a function, you are going to either have to go “whole boat” or find somewhere else. However if you are looking to go somewhere different for a date or a chilled evening with friends and you book a table – it really is the perfect summer venue.

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