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Dating becomes so much harder the older you get, but actually I feel like there are also a lot of young people that don’t quite “know the rules”. Remember in the days when you would get away with one of your friends saying “will you go out with my mate?”. If only it were still that simple to turn dating into a relationship. One of the most awkward things in the world is having “the chat”. The thing is, if you are on the level of having the “how serious are we?” chat then you are probably on the same page. But if you are not at the level of having a the serious conversation, what can you do to try and make things a little bit more serious after you have been dating?

Always use local dating sites

Local dating sites have got a far better reputation for people finding serious relationships than the national ones. For a start, you have actual geography on your side. It’s an obvious one to point out, but say you sign up for a Cambridgeshire Dating Site, you will only match with people in Cambridgeshire. Imagine how easy it is if you are looking for a just a fling to sign up to a national dating site, match with people in the area next to yours and disappear forever after a hookup. Some people even give fake names and ages. The profiles are a lot more detailed on local dating sites too, so you have a much higher chance of finding a match.

Make plans for the future

OK, so this one sounds a bit pushy. It doesn’t have to be though. If you have been on quite a few dates with someone and you have started to quite like them, they are probably feeling the same. No matter how close you get to someone, some people just aren’t confident outright asking where they stand. If you subtly try and make a plan a few months in advance, and they say yes you know they see a future with you. Don’t be too disheartened if they say no though, they could just genuinely be busy or not want to make plans with ANYONE that far in advance.

Be open to something long-term yourself

There are people on this earth (and quite a high amount of people), that simply like the IDEA of having a partner. I’ve known girls myself who are physically incapable of being single. And while it’s actually pretty sad that people like this are so desperate for validation they thrive on attention to anyone, the saddest part is that they are only hurting themselves. If you are going to date with the ultimate goal of finding someone long-term, then you need to make sure this is for the right reasons. After all, it isn’t fair on the other person if you don’t really like them and are just using them for attention.

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