A Trip To Greece For Under £400

Recently I took a trip to Greece to see some friends. As someone who has travelled to many of the Greek islands – I often forget just how good the mainland is. Once I had tallied up how much I had spent over my long weekend, I realised there were a few things I could have done a lot cheaper […]

NYE in Birmingham

I love a little road trip, and as you may know from my previous blog, I have a friend who lives in Leicestershire. This NYE, I really wanted to do something. My Nan passed away shortly before Christmas last year, and to be honest both Christmas and New Year were a bit quiet. I think I might have actually even […]

It’s More Fun in the Philippines

A trip to the Philippines… I sat on the tarmac on what would be my seat for the next 6hrs and 55mins, and thought to myself as I usually do before I start a long haul flight – “Why do I do it to myself?” Watching the lovely UK weather give my Airbus’s window a good bashing, I tried to […]

Thorpe Park – Ride Review

I hate kids. I hate crowds. Actually, within the last few years, I think I’ve learned that I basically hate people. This is why, it was a shock as much to myself as anyone when the words ‘shall we go to Thorpe Park on Bank Holiday Monday?’ came out of my mouth. I mean, if you hate crowds and you […]

A Little Birthday Trip To Marbella

After a few years of positively underwhelming birthdays, last year in around August time I decided that I was going to do something different this February 21st and go away for the weekend with two of my friends. Although Marbella is technically ‘out of season’ there is still loads to do and loads of breathtaking scenery to take in, and […]

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