The King William IV – The Best Roast in Essex

So the King William IV in Chigwell has had a refurbishment. This was something I wanted to closely investigate. You see last time I went there, the food, and the décor were amazing, so I really couldn’t see what they would change? The King William is nestled in the heart of Chigwell, and from the outside, it looks every bit […]

Six things they don’t want you to know about TOWIE

It’s VERY scripted (Image source)                       Ok, so none of us are stupid, and we all knew this (kind of). But people don’t realise the extent of how much the show is actually scripted. ‘Scripted reality shows’ often make claims that things are just heated up a bit for our […]

Izumi, Brentwood

When I think of ‘all you can eat’ Chinese buffets, I conjure up images of some of the places in Soho I visited in my younger (poorer) days, whereby you have to fight 50 people for two bits of sesame toast and they have ‘love’ written on the wall in sequins (no jokes, this place actually existed up until a […]

Has Reality T.V Gone too far?

In the year 2000, a ‘social experiment’, Big Brother, was aired in the UK. Based on the premise of George Orwell’s book 1984, housemates were put in a house with cameras following their every move 24 hours a day. Shortly after in 2001, the first series of Pop Idol saw Will Young appear as the winner, with its predecessor Popstars […]

Georgia Kousoulou talks BREAD

One day, when I worked in Greece, we had a BBQ for dinner. As we were all sat, full to the brim to the point of hallucination, my friend Toni from Scotland said “Oh my god, I’m so full, I really feel ill” so I pointed out to her that bread was the most horrendously filling thing ever to which […]

Competition with Style Me Celeb

You may remember back in August last year I wrote about my incredible dress from Style Me Celeb I love loved LOVED my dress and when I actually lost a bit of weight for Malia it looked lovely. Well, now they have kindly offered to run a competition on this blog where TWO LUCKY WINNERS will win £100 of […]

Fashionable Foodie – Ferne McCann Launches Blog

With ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ being so popular, we are no longer surprised when one of the cast pursues an outside venture. Clothes boutiques are the most popular choice, and bars/restaurant’s are coming in a close second, also not to forget Charlie’s very successful Deli which is always packed (take it from someone whose been). I was invited to […]

TOWIE Series 13 – First Look

Ok, so we are all SERIOUSLY looking forward to the new series of TOWIE. Looks like some changes are set to happen for series 13. New Channel So TOWIE returns to our screens this Autumn, on a completely new channel Itvbe. But is it a massive gamble? It’s not a well kept secret that Itv have made blunders in the […]

Bourgee UK – Launch night in Southend

When I was invited by Charlotte at EdenCanCan ( to the press launch of Bourgee, it goes without saying I was excited. Along with all the noise Mr Mark Baumann’s new venture was making in the press, a couple of people I work with had actually passed the venue and said it looked lovely. First impressions did not disappoint. […]

The best TOWIE drink throws

Being from Essex, you would think I go out every week launching drinks at former flames and girls I don’t like. Actually, I manage to have quite a peaceful life (most of the time, I’m still a drama magnet). If like me, you find it absolutely thrilling when someone gets a glass of red thrown over them at a white […]

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