Barleylands Farm in Essex

Me, my partner and his little girl fancied a day out Saturday, but one that wasn’t too far away (as I had a big night out to get ready for Saturday night, you can see my blog about it here:, so we thought we’d try Barleylands farm. I visited a good few years ago with some people I look […]

8 Things Everyone in Essex Did This Bank Holiday

1. DIY. Apparently along with guidelines that you shouldn’t steal or lie, there is a page in the bible that says you need to do DIY or buy a big TV on bank holidays. I don’t know what it was that came first, the DIY stores having sales, or the people flocking to them, but you can guarantee that as […]

Plenty of Fish – Plenty of too much hassle

Recently, I thought I would join Plenty of Fish for a bit of a laugh. I am in no way one of those people that is on an endless search for ‘the man of my dreams’, in actual fact the last few months I have been single have been the most happiest and stress free in my life, and I […]

Things to do in Essex

One of the bonuses of having an ex who was perpetually skint even though he earned £2,000 a month (make your own assumptions) is that I know loads of inexpensive things to do around Essex. People do think of Essex and think of Sugar Slut and TOWIE, but we do have a bit of nature and a few fields with […]

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