Fashionable Foodie – Ferne McCann Launches Blog

With ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ being so popular, we are no longer surprised when one of the cast pursues an outside venture. Clothes boutiques are the most popular choice, and bars/restaurant’s are coming in a close second, also not to forget Charlie’s very successful Deli which is always packed (take it from someone whose been). I was invited to […]

TOWIE Series 13 – First Look

Ok, so we are all SERIOUSLY looking forward to the new series of TOWIE. Looks like some changes are set to happen for series 13. New Channel So TOWIE returns to our screens this Autumn, on a completely new channel Itvbe. But is it a massive gamble? It’s not a well kept secret that Itv have made blunders in the […]

The best TOWIE drink throws

Being from Essex, you would think I go out every week launching drinks at former flames and girls I don’t like. Actually, I manage to have quite a peaceful life (most of the time, I’m still a drama magnet). If like me, you find it absolutely thrilling when someone gets a glass of red thrown over them at a white […]

It’s summer in Essex

If you want a barometer of how summery it is, then Essex is the place in England to find out. The minute the UK stops being plunged into pure darkness 24/7 the cast of Jeremy Kyle come out and about in their tights and white denim shorts. I know at one point this was acceptable fashion, but its not any […]

10 Misconceptions Essex Has TOWIE To Thank For

1. All men go to the gym topless (and are stunning and ripped). Now I don’t know if I am going to the right gym or not (jokes, I don’t go to the gym), but all the men in mine seem to be around 40 and wearing very dark t shirts with sweat stains. Not once have I seen an […]

9 Signs you are from ESSEX

1. You spend more time combing your eyebrows than you do your hair. (and this is just the boys) 2. You wear heels to do the weekly food shop. Why NOT spice up your life a bit though? 3. You start every sentence with ‘To be honest..’ or ‘I aint being funny…’. In case anyone doubts your integrity or mistakenly […]

TOWIE New Series

Well the new series of TOWIE kicked off with less of a bang and more of a little pop. As an avid fan I wasn’t expecting such an underwhelming first episode of the newest series but none¬† the less, its what we got. We were first of treated to an enthralling scene where Diags washes his pants with an unidentified […]

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