July Wish List

So I get paid on Friday. Yep. 23rd of each month. How random is that? I can understand the last Friday of every month, and the last day of every month, but what the heck happens on the 23rd? Obviously my company started during the Stonehenge times and there’s some sort of lunar moon they have to align their BACS […]

8 signs the sun has just come out in England

1. Socks and Sandals. Never ones to be pleased with things being simple, the Brits have to take something as straightforward as putting a sandal on because its hot, and then defeat the object by putting a sock on underneath it. The UK’s sock obsession has rendered the actual invention of Jesus Creepers useless, as the mixture of faux leather/plastic […]

It’s summer in Essex

If you want a barometer of how summery it is, then Essex is the place in England to find out. The minute the UK stops being plunged into pure darkness 24/7 the cast of Jeremy Kyle come out and about in their tights and white denim shorts. I know at one point this was acceptable fashion, but its not any […]

I am letting you all have a holiday…

Hi Guys, Again as previously discussed, I do not get paid anything to promote links but I’m always happy to do a favor. Someone I know is renting a gorgeous villa in Portual here http://www.homeaway.co.uk/p2103258 So just to let you know I am allowing you all to book yourself a holiday. Easyjet fly from Southend, treat yourself.

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