Reids Bar, Billericay

To say there isn’t anything good about Reids bar would be a grossly exaggerated lie – because the relief I felt when I left the place was about as good as stepping off of a long haul flight or the feeling when you haven’t had a poo for quite sometime and then manage to go (I wouldn’t know firsthand though […]

Cafe Rouge – Lakeside

Cafe Rogue, Lakeside For some reason I appear to have ended up at two very nice French chain restaurants in the last few weeks. This is welcome. I can’t say I made the most of the haute cuisine when I actually worked in France at the age of 20, which I am ashamed to admit was 9 years ago. Instead […]

Giraffe, Chelmsford

As was pointed out to me by some people at work, it is always worth being a bit weary about restaurants that offer lots of different foods from different places around the world. Obviously, one of the main reasons restaurants tend to stick to one theme, is because the ingredients are similar and the chef’s are specifically trained in that […]

The King William IV – The Best Roast in Essex

So the King William IV in Chigwell has had a refurbishment. This was something I wanted to closely investigate. You see last time I went there, the food, and the décor were amazing, so I really couldn’t see what they would change? The King William is nestled in the heart of Chigwell, and from the outside, it looks every bit […]

Izumi, Brentwood

When I think of ‘all you can eat’ Chinese buffets, I conjure up images of some of the places in Soho I visited in my younger (poorer) days, whereby you have to fight 50 people for two bits of sesame toast and they have ‘love’ written on the wall in sequins (no jokes, this place actually existed up until a […]

Thyme Restaurant – Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel

When you are picking a dinner venue, inevitably, the restaurant in a nearby hotel will pass you by. This is totally understandable, as a lot of the time they are perceived as being just for guests, or sub standard, or even really expensive. It’s a shame this doesn’t get put into practice more. No, I don’t mean get all dressed […]

Cafe Rouge, Loughton (Blogger Meet Up)

I’ve said it loads, and even written a blog about it; blogging is one of the friendliest communities around. Maybe it is just because the Essex bloggers are a particular breed. Bubbly and fun and chatty. Helpful. Will always share some info or tips with other bloggers as well as hilarious stories and gossip. So when I got invited to […]

Bourgee UK – Launch night in Southend

When I was invited by Charlotte at EdenCanCan ( to the press launch of Bourgee, it goes without saying I was excited. Along with all the noise Mr Mark Baumann’s new venture was making in the press, a couple of people I work with had actually passed the venue and said it looked lovely. First impressions did not disappoint. […]

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