Nando’s – Mayflower, Basildon

Everyone likes Nando’s. I’ve honestly never met anyone that doesn’t, and if they do exist out there, I’m sure they are given a wide berth, like people who say they ‘don’t like music’. I love the fact that we have a Nando’s so close in Basildon, but the fact that another one was opening on the Mayflower Estate I was […]

9 Signs you are from ESSEX

1. You spend more time combing your eyebrows than you do your hair. (and this is just the boys) 2. You wear heels to do the weekly food shop. Why NOT spice up your life a bit though? 3. You start every sentence with ‘To be honest..’ or ‘I aint being funny…’. In case anyone doubts your integrity or mistakenly […]

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