Marbella – Back to my favourite place for a week

When I went to Marbella in February¬†for a little long weekend for my Birthday, I knew I would be back. It’s funny, but I just felt so at home there, with no annual leave left or money, I still knew I would sort something out and get back there. Fast forward to September, where me and and my friend both […]

A Little Birthday Trip To Marbella

After a few years of positively underwhelming birthdays, last year in around August time I decided that I was going to do something different this February 21st and go away for the weekend with two of my friends. Although Marbella is technically ‘out of season’ there is still loads to do and loads of breathtaking scenery to take in, and […]

The best TOWIE drink throws

Being from Essex, you would think I go out every week launching drinks at former flames and girls I don’t like. Actually, I manage to have quite a peaceful life (most of the time, I’m still a drama magnet). If like me, you find it absolutely thrilling when someone gets a glass of red thrown over them at a white […]

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