Coral King, Coral Bay, Paphos

  It’s not unusual for me to work on holiday – unfortunately I get fidgety in every way. What is unusual though, is for me to find a place so fabulous, I want to write about it separately from my standard travel blog. The Coral King restaurant has proved to be the exception. As you would expect from a holiday […]

A Weekend of Camping

When I was 20, I worked in France on a campsite for Keycamp in Brittany, and had absolutely no qualms living in a tent for three months. Obviously, it helped that I spent the whole three months rolling into bed at 3am drunk (I never used to suffer from hangovers then), slept like a baby then woke up bright eyed […]

10 things no one tells you about growing up. . . . .

1. Being ‘Independent’ means being skint. It means walking around a supermarket thinking ‘fuck are tomatoes really that much? Day light robbery’. You don’t realize how much of a non existent dent your housekeeping makes into to monthly outgoings until you have to fend for yourself and start shopping on a budget. 2. You have to ‘work’ for your money. […]

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