How To Lose Weight Like A Pro

As I stepped off of the scales during my gym induction, I tried to work out where it had all gone so wrong. I’m a vegetarian and I can’t stand meat substitutes so my diet consists of a lot of vegetable based meals including at least one daily dose of vegetarian sushi. When I mentioned this to the personal trainer […]

Hunger or Habit

I’m sure you have all been following my many, many diet efforts, with the recent and most successful being just a few small changes (you can read this here: I’ve been doing well all week and having a treat at weekends. I have completely cut out snacking of an evening as the information was too confusing. Do snack, don’t […]

The ‘easy’ diet

There’s being slim and then theres being ‘Ibiza’ slim. You will catch my well documented effort to lose weight on my other posts. I tries the quick fix ‘5:2’ diet but felt like I could easily murder 6 fluffy kittens on fasting days. I tries T5s but unfortunately if you eat like fuck as well they do not work. So […]

What are you giving up for Lent?

Me and a couple of my friends are giving up chocolate for lent. I am on of those people who says ‘I don’t eat chocolate’ then canes four bags of Malteasers. I’ve seen some weird and wonderful things on Twitter. Some people are staying celibate for lent. The entirity of Basildon use their fashion sense as contraception anyway. The ‘black […]

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