TOWIE Series 13 – First Look

Ok, so we are all SERIOUSLY looking forward to the new series of TOWIE. Looks like some changes are set to happen for series 13. New Channel So TOWIE returns to our screens this Autumn, on a completely new channel Itvbe. But is it a massive gamble? It’s not a well kept secret that Itv have made blunders in the […]

The 5:2 Diet – Feast and Fast AKA Starve and Starve Less

So, I’m trying the 5:2 diet, which most of you will have heard of because it’s been through more people than Jodie Marsh. For those small minority that haven’t heard of it (probably a smaller minority still, than the minority that HAVEN’T slept with Jodie Marsh), the premise of it is you starve yourself 2 days a week, and eat […]

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