So, What are the Rules About Restaurants?

*This article contains affiliate links. If you love eating out, you have probably been eagerly awaiting last weekends rule-change amid coronavirus that allows restaurants to open. There is only so much making your own pasta you can do before you start to crave a decent carbonara. But as much as we have all been hotly anticipating the re-opening of restaurants […]

We Heart Mondays Christmas Food Festival

Haven’t you just always wanted to go to a London food festival? Because the We Heart Mondays launch event was so good – I really didn’t need much convincing to go to their Christmas food festival. After trying all of the yummy treats on offer at the launch event, there was no way I was going to miss out on […]

How To Lose Weight Like A Pro

As I stepped off of the scales during my gym induction, I tried to work out where it had all gone so wrong. I’m a vegetarian and I can’t stand meat substitutes so my diet consists of a lot of vegetable based meals including at least one daily dose of vegetarian sushi. When I mentioned this to the personal trainer […]

Andi Walker Pop Up – Riverside Inn, Chelmsford

I must admit I am always on the go. This is great (although tiring), but it does mean sometimes I reply to emails about blogging events way into the future and forget about them until nearer the time. A nifty trick I have now is to add them to my calendar straight away with an alert a couple of days […]

Cafe Rouge – Lakeside

Cafe Rogue, Lakeside For some reason I appear to have ended up at two very nice French chain restaurants in the last few weeks. This is welcome. I can’t say I made the most of the haute cuisine when I actually worked in France at the age of 20, which I am ashamed to admit was 9 years ago. Instead […]

2-4-1 Mojitos for Bob Marley’s Birthday

Don’t worry about a thing this February at Turtle Bay Caribbean restaurant and bar. You can get some much needed Caribbean vibes while celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday on 6th February. All day, from Friday 3rd February until Monday 6th February, Turtle Bay are offering 2-4-1 on ‘Marley Mojitos’. The Marley Mojito is Turtle Bay’s very own twist on the classic […]

Nando’s – Mayflower, Basildon

Everyone likes Nando’s. I’ve honestly never met anyone that doesn’t, and if they do exist out there, I’m sure they are given a wide berth, like people who say they ‘don’t like music’. I love the fact that we have a Nando’s so close in Basildon, but the fact that another one was opening on the Mayflower Estate I was […]

Villagio, Basildon

I love all things Italian. The food, the men, the cars. To be honest, the non-driver in me would of purchased a Vespa years ago if I didn’t strongly feel it would lead me to weekly trips to A&E. It’s no surprise then, that my favourite restaurant in Basildon is Villagio. Let’s get this out of the way first, the […]

Cafe Rouge, Loughton (Blogger Meet Up)

I’ve said it loads, and even written a blog about it; blogging is one of the friendliest communities around. Maybe it is just because the Essex bloggers are a particular breed. Bubbly and fun and chatty. Helpful. Will always share some info or tips with other bloggers as well as hilarious stories and gossip. So when I got invited to […]

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