When Did You Last Go For An Eye Test?

( Image From:¬†www.lensshopper.com/glasses-online ) Oh the eye test. One of those niggly little ‘to do’s’ like painting the door frame and shaving your legs (JOKES ladies you should shave your legs every day – MINGERS). I went for an eye test Saturday after seven years. Yep, SEVEN. So what had kept me away from optimum eye health all that time? […]

10 Things Mums ALWAYS Say

10 things Mums say (and what to say back): 1. ”You must of needed it” You got in at 6am from¬†Ministry and slept until Monday morning. Instead of being slight PO that she has had to hoover round you and tell everyone else in the house not to enter your room, you wake up expecting a good telling off and […]

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