One final push

Hi guys, one final push for my Dryathlon, even if it’s just a pound every little helps. It’s for a great cause and I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed reading my blog of my exploits. I have so far done 25 days sober, not got naked in anyone’s kitchens or thrown up on anyone’s tables. Thanks xxx   Kelly-Jackson-dryathlete JustTextGiving by […]

Placenta Anyone?

One of the things I love about my group of friends is our ability to talk absolute shit when we are together. When we went away from the weekend, one of my favourite quotes was from my friend Lara, who was sober at the time who asked ‘Have we got anything milky to drink….like milk?’. It’s nice to have friends […]

My first night in a pub sober

Last night, I experienced my first night out during a Dryathlon. One tip I would give my fellow Dryathletes, is if you are going to a pub without drinking, go to a good one. The ‘Beehive’ in Basildon, is basically the pub in Basildon where people go if they do not fit into regular society. The DJ, plays Deep House […]

Sunbed Shenanigans

I fancied a sunbed today, new year, new me and all that. Now I don’t know about you, but I find the entire experience of a sunbed extremely stressful. For a start, being fair (and when I say fair I mean ‘white as a fucking sheet’), the sunbed lady, who has now known me for approximately 6 years looks me […]

Gentle Reminder

Just a gentle remider (around as gentle as the Incredible Hulk rocking you to sleep), the ultimate aim for this blog is to raise money for Cancer Research. So please give, even if it’s only a pound. Because lets face it if you met me you would want to buy me a drink anyway (to get rid of me) Kelly […]

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