10 Things Mums ALWAYS Say

10 things Mums say (and what to say back): 1. ”You must of needed it” You got in at 6am from¬†Ministry and slept until Monday morning. Instead of being slight PO that she has had to hoover round you and tell everyone else in the house not to enter your room, you wake up expecting a good telling off and […]

Do your pets control your life?

We are a nation of animal lovers. It has long been proven. There are countless boutiques popping up for you to dress your dog or bling your bagpuss, hundreds of charities for animals and countless TV programmes about pets (who remembers pets win prizes …classic British game show that one). People say your a dog or a cat lover and […]

Placenta Anyone?

One of the things I love about my group of friends is our ability to talk absolute shit when we are together. When we went away from the weekend, one of my favourite quotes was from my friend Lara, who was sober at the time who asked ‘Have we got anything milky to drink….like milk?’. It’s nice to have friends […]

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