Chanel Ultrawear

Ask any beauty blogger what their absolute, go to foundation is, and, chances are they will answer Estee Lauder doublewear. You know in films, like Titanic, and you are like “hang about, how has she got a full face of make up when the boat sunk?” Well, because, doublewear. Rumour has it Estee Lauder actually created to withstand a nuclear […]

The Skin Clinic, Brentwood

*The Skin Clinic, Brentwood is now La Belle Forme, Brentwood It was Thursday, it was sunny, and I had a half day. By rights, I should have been walking through Brentwood, the unofficial capital of Essex, feeling amazing. The reason this wasn’t the case, was because I had finally come to the decision to have my lips done. I’ve always […]

Illamasqua – Brow Cake

I always think the best way to shop for make-up is by recommendation, but even better than that, actually getting to test it. When I had my make-up done a little while ago for a wedding, the MUS used Illamasqua Brow Cake on my eyebrows, and I loved it. I’ve been using Urban Decay’s brow beater pencil which is great, but […]

Tips for Spick and Span Make up Brushes

According to recent research, washing make up brushes is the top most irritating thing in the entire world, in front of Justin Bieber and bin juice. No, I made that up. But it feels like it doesn’t it? I feel like I am constantly stuck in-between a rock and a hard place between wanting nice skin and being bothered to […]

Mac Studio Fix – Review

  I’m neither loyal nor disloyal to make up brands. Chances are, someone will recommend me something, show me something, or use something on me then I’ll use that until I can be bothered to find a new make-up. I’ve used Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation for the last year or so, but lately my skin has decided to […]

Urban Decay Review – Naked Skin Liquid Foundation, Brow Beater, Revolution High Colour Gloss

Quite often, as a lifestyle blogger who dips her pillar box red toenail painted toes into beauty blogging, I see a trend in makeup brands pass me by and think ‘what’s all the fuss about?’ I’ve tried a few MAC products which I’ve never been overly impressed with, don’t even get me started on Barry M nail varnish as I […]

Coloristiq – Online Nail Polish Rental

People think of all sorts of things nowadays. I mean, look at the sandwich toaster. Whoever invented a way for me to full on seal my cheese and ham in airtight pockets of bread, I salute you. Blockbuster video got well done out of business by the popular online movie rental site, Netflix. For my younger fan’s, if you don’t […]

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