Villagio, Basildon

I love all things Italian. The food, the men, the cars. To be honest, the non-driver in me would of purchased a Vespa years ago if I didn’t strongly feel it would lead me to weekly trips to A&E. It’s no surprise then, that my favourite restaurant in Basildon is Villagio. Let’s get this out of the way first, the […]

Forever Living – My new favourite thing

If someone offer’s you something free and you are from Basildon, you will jump at the chance before you even know what it entails. I’d probably agree to a punch in the face it was free. So when Marie from Forever Living offered me some goodies I was like ‘YES PLEASE’ …. keep calm…. be cool. I have been trying […]

9 Signs you are from ESSEX

1. You spend more time combing your eyebrows than you do your hair. (and this is just the boys) 2. You wear heels to do the weekly food shop. Why NOT spice up your life a bit though? 3. You start every sentence with ‘To be honest..’ or ‘I aint being funny…’. In case anyone doubts your integrity or mistakenly […]

How can Chitter Chatter get away with this?

A story was flagged up to me yesterday, which made me sad and frustrated and again lack faith in fellow man. For those of you who read my blog and live locally, you will be familiar with the ‘Chitter Chatter’ store in town that sells mobile phone contracts. In this particular part of Basildon, there have been a few shops […]

Customer Service is Dead

I can’t work out if customer service is dead, or never existed. I’ve always been under the impression, if you work in a shop, restaurant etc, you are paid to serve and help customers and not stand looking gormless and ask someone 6 times what latte they wanted. Yesterday I went out for some lunch at a Harvester. Now I […]

What do you call your Nan?

Seriously? Have I been transported back to the 1800s? Is my ‘2014’ calendar incorrect? Because I’m sure, last time I looked, it was only William and Harry that called their Nan ‘Grandma’. ‘Granny’ the shortened version of Grandma, is for people who think they are posh but actually live in Benfleet. I also know someone who, at the age of […]

First Run of 2014

I went for my first run today. It wasn’t enjoyable. I despise exercise and only do it to try and look good. People who say ‘oh I ran 4k today, it really cleared my head’, absolutely baffle me. I think they are absolutely off their tits. If I want to clear my head I get so mortal that I cant […]

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