10 things no one tells you about losing weight

10 things no one tells you about losing weight. (Disclaimer: these are my opinions. I am not a qualified medical professional. The only medical advice I AM qualified to give you, is that Cranberry juice alone will not get rid of it). 1. Don’t eat shit. This one sounds obvious right? WRONG. There are so many diets out there advocating […]

Toby Carvery Basildon

Toby Carvery Basildon, OR Tony Carvery if you are having a particularly bad auto correct day. What I LOVE about a carvery is you can pile your plate as high as possible and no one can judge you. No one looks at someone coming back from the veg counter and goes ‘Jesus look at what that fat fucker has got’. […]

The 5:2 Diet – Feast and Fast AKA Starve and Starve Less

So, I’m trying the 5:2 diet, which most of you will have heard of because it’s been through more people than Jodie Marsh. For those small minority that haven’t heard of it (probably a smaller minority still, than the minority that HAVEN’T slept with Jodie Marsh), the premise of it is you starve yourself 2 days a week, and eat […]

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