Staying Safe In The World Of Fetish Dating

Fetish Dating

A quick browse on any form of social media will alert you to the fact that fetish dating is a lot more common than one would imagine. There really is a whole world out there for people who have a certain fetish. you don’t even need to look far now in the world of being able to find like-minded people at the touch of a button. While fetish dating used to be reserved for VERY specific websites, there are now hundreds of social media platforms that allow you to find someone who has a similar fetish to yourself. If you are that way inclined, there are a few things you can do to stay safe when dating in this particular manner.

Set clear boundaries

If your thing is, for example, Subs and Doms, you might want to ensure you set some clear boundaries. While you may meet a man who loves he idea of you threatening to tell his wife all about his fetish – actually doing so could cause irreversible harm to his life. You need to ensure that before you embark on the practices of any fetishes you have both agreed on exactly where the boundaries lie. It’s also a good idea to agree a safe-word. This isn’t just exclusive to certain fetishes. Anything can become too much, so a safe-word is a good idea for any situation.

Tell someone where you are going if you meet in real life

If you have used online dating to find someone who shares your fetishes then you will probably want to meet them in real life. While this is fine, you will need to take some measures to take care of your safety. Even if you are embarrassed about your fetish you still need to tell one person where you are going. although it is a huge misconception that people with fetishes are “weirdos”, it is still best practice to be safe. This is even a good idea when “vanilla” dating, and even more so if you have been sharing your darkest fantasies with someone.

Don’t let anyone rush you

In any form of dating, but ESPECIALLY fetish dating, be very wary of people who are trying to rush you to meet in person. There needs to be a huge level of trust if you are going to meet up with someone and engage in something like Subs and Doms so it really is advisable that you take your time. Your potential mate should feel the same as you and want to build a relationship that has an element of trust. Remember, if you are just speaking on the internet there is always a block button. But once you get further down the line and you are in a situation where this person knows a bit about you, or where you live, then you increase your risk of being targeted with some form of unusual behaviour.

This is also true if someone is rushing you to move from meeting in public to privately. Don’t do anything before you are ready.

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