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When my friend said she had referred me to the lovely lady who owns Sparkling Jewellery to have a nose and do a blog, I was made up that word had got round about my little corner of the internet over here.

I was also absolutely made up that my goody bag from them came today, which was really really prompt and means I have a bit of bling to chuck on for dinner tomorrow. Granted I’m only going to Bella Italia with my mate, but in Essex we like to keep things glam.


The packaging for all of the bits was lovely, and I would highly recommend them if you are going to send someone the gift of jewellery.

The first product I opened was the biggest parcel (you can take the girl out of Essex, but you cant take the Essex out of the girl).


The thing I love love LOVE about this item, is that you can either roll it out and where it like a choker, like the above picture, or you can wear it like a set of bangles like the below one. I love things that do two things, they are so much better than things that do one thing.


The next thing that caught my eye was this cute little silver coloured set that is a bracelet and necklace, with a pound coin design. I really love the fact it has ‘Sparkling Jewellery’ written on them. I think that is literally almost as cute as the miniatures of toiletries you get in Boots.



The next thing I opened was a gorgeous gold coloured necklace. It is in the shape of a tree, and is really suited to my style. It’s also worth mentioning at this point how well made and sturdy the clasps are on all of Sparkling Jewellery’s products. There’s nothing worse than going to the toilet on a night out and finding your beloved new necklace in your boobs. You ALL know what I’m talking about girls.


Last but not least, my personal favourite, the gorgeous circle bronze necklace, which explains the concept of ‘Kismet’ which is what we would call ‘Karma’ and the circle is to represent keeping the circle positive. This would make a GREAT gift for a friend going through a hard time, it would certainly cheer me up if I was having one of them days when the string to me herbal tea bag has fallen in me tea.

I really wasn’t expecting the range Sparkling Jewellery sent me to be so elegant, and I would highly recommend them if you are looking to get someone a nice gift coming up to Christmas.



Tel: 01708 403679

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