Six Ways to Enjoy the Rugby World Cup if you Hate Rugby.


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   1.The Drinks Deals

During the Rugby World cup, everywhere from the local shop to the big bars in town are doing special offers and deals. Although you are not actually WATCHING the Rugby, what a good opportunity to get off your tits a little bit cheaper. Nothing says ‘Patriotic’ like getting on the two for one chardonnay. With any lucky you can get involved with a group that ARE there to watch the Rugby and be carried into the kebab shop singing ‘Swing Low’.


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2.Everywhere is empty

The gym, the supermarkets, the town, funnily enough the sunbed shop (YES, men of the world, you are NOT invisible when you walk into the sunbed shop with your chavvy can down over your face, we still see you, you know). So if you are not an avid Rugby watcher, and you don’t know your try from your scrum, get yourself down to the gym and have the sauna and Jacuzzi all to yourself. It’s amazing how much more exercise you can do while not being distracted wondering how the guy lifting in front of you has such a massive chest but the legs of a duck.


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3.The hot men

This is Adam Ashley-Cooper who plays some sort of position for Australia.

You’re welcome.


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4.You can catch up on box sets

Let’s face it, it’s a bittersweet time of year. When X Factor starts, we are all left torn between finding out what happens in Pretty Little Liars and watching Simon Cowell mercilessly wind up Cheryl Fernandez-Versini while people sing badly in the background. It’s like choosing between salt and vinegar Walkers and prawn cocktail Walkers. As much as we want to, we can’t have both. Thankfully, the Rugby has stepped in and made the decision for us. X Factor has been relegated to a Sunday only slot which means you can now spend Saturday nights re-watching the whole Blair and chuck saga with the same anticipation as the first time you watched it even though you KNOW they will end up together.

Sorry for the spoiler but if you haven’t watched Gossip Girl ‘WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN AND WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?’.


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5.People are happier if England win

Let’s face it, people in England are miserable sods. Be it the rising cost of living, the weather, or just maybe because they have an inherent miserable disposition, but whatever the reason, cracking a smile off of an English person is harder than trying to take Katie Hopkins seriously after THAT photo in the field.

When England win, everyone cheers up a bit. Obviously it is hard for us Non – Rugby-ers to understand. There’s no gain, you don’t get anything and England winning won’t make you thinner. But hey – ho, if it spreads some love and stops you being the victim of someone with trolley rage in Sainsbury’s then I’m all for it.

Internet Warrior

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6.Everyone has stopped rowing about immigration

Thank god, all of the keyboard warriors who had NO opinion about immigration before ‘The Sun’ told them to seem to have died down and concentrated their efforts on the Rugby. The news channels are thankfully no longer spouting edited, contrived propaganda and are focusing on the Rugby. Facebook pages and Twitter discussions are thankfully no longer filled with those people who should be barred from the internet rowing about a subject they haven’t really researched.

Isn’t is funny how a good old sporting event can make people forget all of the important issues in the world?

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