Roadhouse, Covent Garden

Roadhouse, Covent Garden

Yesterday didn’t start off as planned. I was meant to meet my friends after an event but due to my IBS being a complete pain I never ended up going to the event and spent the majority of the day in pain unsure if I was going to make the actual night out to Roadhouse, Covent Garden. My friends went to Ballie Ballerson, which I missed, but I managed to put my eyelashes and a smile on and meet them outside for the next part of the night. To be honest from what they said about Ballie Ballerson it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea at all. Getting jumped on by strangers in a load of dirty balls – no thanks. The part of the night I was really excited about was going to Roadhouse, Covent Garden. Working so close to it, I’m really shocked I never even knew it existed. It’s quite tucked away, the door is literally nestled snugly in-between the Jubilee Market and some other building that I don’t know.

to be honest I’m surprised we didn’t end up having to walk there. Unfortunately, the poor Uber driver Afius had 5 drunk girls and 1 sober girl who is nuts playing Three Lions in his car, with the windows down, singing it at the top of our voices to people on the streets of London. My friend even got the Febreeze confiscated from herself because she kept spraying it in timing with the songs.

The great thing about Roadhouse is that it caters to everyone. You can eat, drink, dance, listen to a DJ, listen to a band. Whatever. I don’t drink obviously, and I wasn’t going to chance eating, so you are probably thinking “what did you actually do there?”. Well, I will tell you what I did there. I moshed hard to the band playing Wonderwall and Blink 182. That’s what I did. I really enjoyed the idea that the DJ played new and current songs for the beginning of the night and then the band came on around 10pm. You can book a table as well which is really handy because as you get older, you really need a table. The need for a table doesn’t come from being posh or wanting a VIP experience, it is literally because I want to sit down. I’m 30. My legs hurt. I can’t cope with heels. Having never heard of it before-hand, I was surprised at how good Roadhouse was. It’s a great place for any form of celebration, or like, a Tuesday.

As good as the night was when we left I was faced with the age-old dilemma of someone teetotal. After giving up alcohol a while back,I am now the official “getter homer”. I had to get two absolutely drunk twats home with one moaning at me because I needed to get a different train on the last leg of the journey and one moaning because she left her power bank inside with her cousin, and she desperately needed that charger so she could ring a taxi at her station. Until it came out there are actually always cabs outside Grays station. She didn’t need it at all. In her words “it’s just annoying ain’t it”. I piled them on the Piccadilly line and I whole-heartedly apologise to anyone sharing our carriage listening to Lindsey declaring “I’ve lost all my belongings and I feel like J-Lo”. In case you are wondering how that makes sense at ALL, according to Lindsey, it’s because she sings “I used to have a little now I have a lot”, which I pointed out was actually the reverse of her situation, to which her answer was “that’s what I said”.

If you think because these girls have been my best friends for 17 years, I wouldn’t leave them and run off at West Ham, then you are wrong. I saw someone I knew (actually speaking of Alana, you should all go follow her Instagram because she is ALWAYS in all the pretty places), and I legged it. I mean, they were getting on the same train to Pitsea/Grays so I didn’t exactly leave them alone did I? Unfortunately in my haste I hadn’t realised what I thought said Basildon said Barking and there were only trains to Pitsea. Still, I was rid of the nightmares. I got on the train and settled into a nice cosy seat to read my Kindle app. Until I heard my mate Jade gobbing off trying to hustle Lindsey into a seat. Yep, I LITERALLY can’t get rid of them if I try. Which leads me to the question: are we still friends because we like each other or because we ACTUALLY can’t get rid of each other? At least we were all together. We did ask Lindsey to text us when she got in as she was going to a different station. but she couldn’t. Because she didn’t have a charger.


  1. Lindsey
    May 13, 2018 / 7:54 pm

    Loved every minute hun. Canโ€™t live with us canโ€™t live without us x

    • kellyjackson2102
      May 13, 2018 / 7:55 pm

      Absolutely no escape x

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